Dental issues , gosh what's next !!!!!!

Please excuse rant at end of my ability to keep on smiling .had real low day yesterday but on bright side feeling slightly better today for my melt down . Went to dentist yesterday as had sore mouth for months , seems as well as ulcerated mouth causing agony , my teeth have loosened causing gaps and sensitivity, my dentist has partly blamed my duloxetene for drying up my mouth and causing sores so suggested change of medication.H E said oral issues can be quite fibro common .Today he is sending me for a bone depth x-ray . Has anyone else suffered dental issues as well as all our other fibro issues . Just seems never ending ,this fibro really does keep you on your toes and your head in a spin .

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  • Oh don't! I have been putting off getting my teeth done for years. I detest going a fear going back to childhood. I have no choice now as I had a nasty fall in the kitchen and broke the bottom half off two teeth my son says I look like a vampire, it's awful!!

    Without jest a very good friend of mine in his early forties Six foo two, skinny and healthy had a major stroke two years ago. The cause an infected tooth that had spread to the gum and bone. He has been in various stages of therapy since then, cannot walk, only a few words and needs constant attention. His wonderful girlfriend has stood by him through it all and is converting their house for him. We need to remember our total health, the bits behind the fibro too.

    I really hope your issues get sorted soon. I bet you'll feel loads better.

    Patrick x

  • Yes I have and phantom pains in jaw and gums where there are no longer teeth. Teeth will ache and the gum feel sore so I think I must make an appointment and then as mysteriously as it comes it goes proving that there was nothing actually wrong with the tooth.

    Myold GP gave me Difflam rinse which slightly numbs the gums and can help when they are over sensitive. I am always sucking a sweet or something as my mouth always feels parched. I also use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I was told if there was a really sensitive patch to actually run some toothpaste into it and it dies help. Good luck in getting sorted.x

  • Good day Keels67 from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours), I am having tests (very long winded) for Sjorgrens syndrome this has been ongoing for 4 years!! My gums and tongue are shedding soft tissue all day long,I am under Manch dental Hospital.. My tongue feels like a cheese grater has been run over it and it soaks up fluid like blotting paper, I am spraying an oily mouth wash all day, I find chewing gum helps but then teeth ache! my upper gums behind big teeth are raw, my own gastric juice seems to burn it. I am also waiting to see ENT after a gastroscopy that found???? got a letter from gastro doc saying encl report-Dah No report !! I feel my throat dry off causing a non productive cough, I have no ear wax my ears itch deep inside, I have no nasal secretion either and no tears,, Maybe its a gland not functioning who knows, will I ever know?? I have been told by g.p that he has other patients with fibro who report drying throat, he thinks is the muscle that helps us swallow-that would be fibro related- tongue is a muscle too, I think I might find answers before the experts do..

  • Good morning nurse Gladys, Thank you for making me not feel alone you've described my mouth to a t. Like you behind my two front teeth is raw and my tounge like a grater . Hopefully one of us will come across the solution soon.😁 Behind my teeth is so swollen it's moved my teeth forward so hoping for a solution before they either fall out or I resemble goofy lol xx Have a good day x

  • I use "sensodyne" Pronamel mouthwash, I keep a small spray bottle and top that up so that I can have it on the move-it varies in price, it has an oily substance that keep my mouth moist, I use it after brushing teeth too, it has proven to be a good friend over time...

  • Hi Keels67

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. I also have dental issue but mine is due to my Osteoporosis. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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