Hi fellow suffers slow road back from sister taking her own life, last week younger sister 50 had massive heart attack she out of hospital now, what can I say life can be so cruel, trying new drug pregapalin so far so Goode when. Letter back from mr George ruhmmy so arragant thinks I got fibro he should have pain for a week, glad I have got good doc, messages from you helped with my loss, be pain free Linda

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  • I am so very sorry for your loss.

    I imagine there is no real way back is there. Just learning a way of coping.

    How dreadful for your other sister. I'm glad to hear she is out of hospital now.

    Pregabalin is a good med. Just keep an eye on your mood. It can bring you down.

    I sincerely hope that it works for you.

    Be kind to yourself my friend.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Nice to have you back with us but so sorry to hear that you have had more bad news. Do hope that your sister makes a complete recovery.

    Do hope the Pregablin carries on helping I have taken it for 6 years now and I wouldn't want to be without it. Don't get me wrong still in pain but it makes each day more manageable.

    As you say if they had a week of our pain they would be a but more sympathetic. Do let us know how you are doing.x

  • What mg of pregapalin do you take I am on 25 mg do you take anything else for fibro I am slowly coming off co codamal trying to find what helps, thank you for your reply

  • I hope you don't mind me butting on here.

    You could always ask your GP if you can increase your dose of Pregabalin. I take this med too xx

  • I will ask thank you , what mg are you on

  • It's best to go up very slowly on this med.

    A lot of people can start to feel quite spaced out so it's best to increase in small amounts each time.

    Your GP will know how much to increase yours by to minimise side effects xx

  • I started off on 25mg as my body is often resistant to new tablets so my old GP always started at the lowest dose. I am now on 50mg in morning and 75 mg at night. If I took more I am sure the pain would be less but higher than that my head goes really muzzy and I gave problems thinking straight I also wouldn't like to drive. It certainly has helped we with the burning, shooting pains. I am on maximum dose cocodamal and Ibuprophen as I also have osteo arthritis but I am sure they help the fibro as well as it is all pain. Problem with some tablets is they can make you feel very lack lustre and tired and as fibro can do that it doesn't help.

    My new doctor who appears kind kept on reiterating the fact that it is not curable and it is a case of pacing and managing the symptoms. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. I found hydrotherapy helped but in our region you are only offered 6 sessions. I had electro acupuncture for my back but the specialist has retired and no replacement.

    I have started paying privately to see a gentleman who has the Chinese philosophy of treating patients and is also an acupuncturist. It will be my third session this afternoon. He treats the whole person and the first session was one and a half hours only a half an hour if which was acupuncture. He explains everything he is doing and his prices are reasonable. The trouble is if some one is reliant on benefits they have to rely on the NHS and it varies from region to region.

    Good luck with everything and do hope your sister starts to pickup soon. We have to drop off my husband's younger brother on the way as he is having w cancer operation on his lung this afternoon. He has already lost one younger brother to cancer and the youngest isn't well. Some families like yours don't seem to get the luck of the draw. Take care of yourself.x

  • frances1, Sorry about all the pain you gave had in your life with the death of your one sister and the illness of another.I hope things get sorted for you soon.Take care.Peck 🐤

  • Hi frances1

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that your younger has now had a heart attack and I sincerely hope that she is on the mend my friend? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your Pregabalin as well, please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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