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I'm new

Hi all. Just found this community. I've been having many many symptoms related to fibromyalgia. I was tested a couple of years ago for arthritis and again a couple of weeks ago, along with thyroid, anaemia b12 etc etc. All came back clear. So I'm going back to gp with my list of symptoms. Can anyone tell me if there are any other tests to diagnose fibromyalgia or is it based purely in symptoms. Mine are getting worse and I feel like I'm self diagnosing. Trouble is I need some pain relief and sleep and some answers. You all sound lovely on hear and I'm soooooo glad I've found you all.

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There is no test which will identify if you have Fibro, usually a GP will have sent you for lots of tests and you will be prodded at and if they can't find anything else then they might diagnose Fibro. Everyone has been diagnosed differently but all after years of tests and GP visits. Keep going back to your GP, write down all your symptoms and take it with you, give it to the GP to read and they should try something from there. I'm on amytriptalene for sleeping but think I need them increased to help.

Good luck to you and welcome to the site, hope you get the answers you deserve soon xx


Hi and welcome to our lovely site.We do ask that every one lock there post so it is not aval. to be read on everyone on the Internet. When writing a post at the bottom it will ask who is the post for.. everybody or community. You should tick community as that allows only us in this site can read and also locks all replies as well.I You should have no problem.Glad to have you here and hope you enjoy our company!! Peck.🐤


I was diagnosed with Fibro 15 years ago by an elderly rheumatologist. He asked questions the prodded me in many places which at the time shocked me every area he touched was very painful. He wrote lots of notes then told me what I had gave me a leaflet & prescription for Amytriptyline. I took one that night & had serious side effects!

Since then I have attended the rheumatologist I now have psoriatic & osteo arthritis.

Fatigue was a main factor.

Hope you get the right diagnosis

Best wishes

Jen x


Hi Nooo

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. Fibro is usually a case of elimination of other medical conditions. However, this is something called the ''Tender points test'' that can help get a diagnosis. I have pasted below a link and an excerpt from the *WebMD cache on this:

*What are tender points?

Tender points are pain points or localized areas of tenderness around joints, but not the joints themselves. These tender points hurt when pressed with a finger.

Tender points are often not deep areas of pain. Instead, they are superficial areas seemingly under the surface of the skin, such as the area over the elbow or shoulder.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi welcome to a great site - I have been taking my list of symptoms around for nearly 4 years and I have been to doctors, rheumatologist, neurologist, bloods (lots) MRI , xrays, electro tests, now back to doctor and I am seeing the first guy (rheumatologist) in July for tender point test and pain clinic - and my doctor has already confirmed (99%. ?) that I have fibromyalgia - but after all this time I had worked it out anyway - you sort of have to be all checked out by everyone and then go back to the first one - I have reached my destination now - but not sure I want to be there 😩. good luck x


Hi love welcome this site is great and all lovely people on here always someone there for you good luck hope you get sorted I have suffered 14 years having a first mri scan on Monday lol take care love jill xxx


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