Hi all. I've suffered SIJ pain and lower back pain and fibro for over 4 years since last pregnancy. I'm taking morphine daily along with diclofenac paracetamol and antidepressants.

IVery been getting more and more flare ups recently where I literally can't move for the pain. We've 5 kids and the youngest 3 are under 8 so I'm always on the go with school runs etc. However each flare up has left me in hospital for over ten days. I'm considering asking for my SIJ to be fused and just go for the wheelchair option to save the pain. Surely it's a better option than being in chronic pain all the time. I'd be able to do more with kids albeit from.a wheelchair. Has anyone had fusion done or have any experience of this at all? All help great fully received. Thank you x

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  • Hi there. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is SIJ?

    As to spinal fusion? I think it's the last resort. I understand exactly where you're coming from, but when I suggested it to my neurosurgeon he pointed out that while it would help the joint concerned it puts pressure on the rest of the spine and may bring more problems than relief. It's a very tricky and individual choice. One you really need to make yourself.

    You may get help from others who have gone through the process on the Pain Forum on this site. I know there's lots of posts relating to spinal fusion. I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do 🐸

  • Thank you for your reply. SIJ is sacroiliac joint. I've posted on the pain site too but with having this and fibro I was just covering all bases. I was told the same thing by my surgeon about possible problems but I'm at the stage I'm desperate. Thanks again x

  • Ah! Good idea getting an overall view. My L5/S1 is bad. I'm probably going to have to consider my options too. Both nerve roots are impinged due to foraminal growth and my disc has long gone. It's a very sharp pain so I can't blame you for considering surgery. I feel that being in a wheelchair would allow me to get out. Standing and walking are far too painful. If you don't mind I'd like to keep an eye on your post to see if you get any helpful answers 🐸

  • Of course I don't mind. Follow me and you see all the posts across the boards I think. I hope you get some relief too.

  • Thank you. Not been on the pain forum for a while. Should really head over there lol. X 🐸

  • So sorry to hear your plight. Is there any other surgical course. I have sij pain with facet joint probs. Had injections last year which helped a bit. Steroid tablets for something else really helped my back too but they are very reluctant to give them for long. My orthopod said they could operate on facet joints, making a cage around them. But that's via private, wonder if you could push for better care at the Nhs National orthopaedic hospital at Morden.

  • I've often wondered if I should go to the Supervet for surgery. That man has invented so many ways to help dogs with spinal and joint problems. Wish human surgeons took a leaf out his book 🐸

  • I'm in Scotland so Morden a bit far away. I do have private insurance though through work so maybe worth a try. No other surgery can be done apparently as it's wear and tear.

  • Hi

    I'm so very sorry to hear of your suffering.

    I am afraid I cannot help you, but hope that someone can.

    All I know is that I would really research it thoroughly before taking such a huge and I suspect irreversible step. Fibro is all about living with constant pain and flare ups, I don't know about the other illness you have.

    Is there someone at the school who would kindly take your children for you if you contributed to the petrol. Someone asked me if I would when my children were younger and as I was going there everyday anyway I didn't mind doing it.

    Can you get any help from any of the welfare things, maybe then you could afford a taxi daily for the children or help around the house. If you had more help and were able to rest more do you think it might help?

    Have you tried herbal things, like hemp etc, for the fibro?

    If I were you I'd ask for a second opinion or take the bull by the horns and pay for a private consultation. You'd have to take all your info, x-Ray's etc, but at least you'd be 100% sure you made the right decision.

    My daughter had a terribly dangerous ear problem and I was very unhappy how she was treated, I went on the internet researched local consultants and how good they were etc. Anyway found the best local one, e-mail him, got a private appt - which cost about £160. He took a look at her etc, was appalled about her situation and booked her in on the NHS for an emergency operation. She could have died if I hadn't done that, it was the best money I've ever spent! I had to do the same to see a rhumey consultant, again after seeing him I'm now being treated on NHS. I would definitely do that in your position.

    I do hope that you can get something sorted out without having to make such a final decision.

    I really wish you the best of luck!

    Take care and my very best wishes. 😊

  • Hi Sweetfa22

    I have to admit that I have never heard of this being asked for before? And it sounds like a gigantic step to take? Please weigh up everything before you make a decision that potentially cannot be reversed? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I can't understand why you think Sacrioilic Joint fusion will put you in a wheelchair. I will be having that surgery in about 2 months. I was told all the things that could go wrong as is standard practice but it resulting in paralysis was a very very small risk.

    So I am confused as to where you got that idea.


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