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I diagnosed myself years ago with fibromyalgia was promptly told not to be reading all these leaflets . And low and behold after a stint off  work for six weeks was told by my doctor i had fibro but have never been diagnosed by a hospital consultant, now my doctor thinks i might have polimyalgia rhuematica and am now trying Prednisalone steroids which can give all kinds of side effects.

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  • Hi Anncoper

    I have PMR and on steroids

    I have put on weight and have a moon face also high cholesterol however I am able to do things I had 4 months off work was unable to do anything but once the preds got the inflammation under control was able to return to work .Some days are worst than others but PMR is treatable and hopefully will at some point burn itself out .

    Given the choice of having PMR or Polymyalgia  I would rather have the first one and  Im sure most members of this site would say the same.

    Suggest once you find out join the PMR site of Healthcare Unlocked

    Best Wishes Rose

  • Thanks for your honest reply

  • You should have a professional diagnose Fibro !  The Trigger Point test is tried and true ! Fibro symptoms are also symptoms of many other problems so important to not self diagnose !

  • Actually the trigger point test was superseded some years ago by other, more general diagnostic criteria.,

  • Like what ?

  • Those are criteria which apply in the United States, not necessarily in the UK, just so people are aware 👍🏻😊

  • Funny, first thing you see is the 18 trigger points.  I agree with further investigation and trigger point test should not be only consideration .  Since it takes several years of repeated complaints and additional symptoms.  Lots of tests eliminating other diseases . Fibro has finally become a recognized syndrome and doctors more familiar , now we need more research for cause and cute !

  • I know but sometimes i dont know hoe to bring the subject up given that with some of the doctors you only get the bare ten minutes

  • Do hope that the steroids work for you as from two people I have known who have been diagnosed with PR they have been like a miracle.x

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your Prednisolone. I have been taking a maintenance dose of 10mg daily for my COPD for several years and I have also put on weight with these.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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