Help with PiP

Help with PiP

You probably are all aware of this but it might be a good time to look again or bring it to the attention of someone in need.

ToD xx

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Hi guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that no one needs to subscribe to this as the booklets are available for free by contacting Janet at FMA UK. I have pasted the link for Janet below:

You can contact Janet either by phone or by email.

Kind regards

Ken (TheAuthor).

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  • Thankyou I'm on DLA at the min indefinate its going to change sooner or later they just at haven't said when so will keep an eye on this thanks for putting this on x

  • Hi there

    I always try to remember to mention Benefits and Work when I am trying to people with filing in PIP forms.

    Can you remind me what the exact email address is and I will be sure to add it to my list of addresses.

    Do you wish to lock your post or have you left it unlocked for people to find on the Internet?

    Many thanks for the heads up.

    Wishing you all the very best

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator

  • is the website Lu it costs approx £20 to get access to the Members Only Guides and that membership lasts for a year. They are very comprehensive and of course you only have to get the LR of PIP for one week to have more than covered the costs. The guides include PIP, ESA and appeals. They go through all the descriptors telling you how many points you can earn for each one, how the system of points totalling works, what each descriptor means and quite in depth pointers on what to include in your answers. They sometimes have discounted membership I think the first time I got about £4 off.I call them invaluable tools and worth every penny especially if it the first time you have ever attempted filling in a claim form.x

  • Wow! Talk about a font of knowledge :)

    Thanks for all of that information.

    Lu xx

  • Hi rw. I was not sure whether you saw that we (Admin) had to amend the above post.

    I just wanted to bring it to your attention for future reference.

    Lu xx

  • Strange I typed that info in my first draft but took it out as I could not remember that fact been mentioned for ages and to be quite honest felt too naff last night to look up whether we still have access.Wished I had left it on now as would have saved Ken and yourself your time. It is the old advisor streak in me of always being sure of my facts. That is an absolute plus for members as when you are on benefits every penny counts and £20 is alot of money for people whose only money comes that way.

    Would be nice to have a little feature each week on one particular thing that is available as often when we are foggy having to wade through the facts on our website is too much for the Fibro mind. It is an absolute mind of wonderful information though to really read when people are having a better day. That is definately not me today as the lurge is doing its worse seem to be seeing double at the moment. Mind you it has its compensarions as have sent OH shopping and also asked him to use my little car and fill her up with petrol. Probably a quite funny spectacle as he is a large man in a small car but the poor girl is thirsty and needs more than a drop to drink and he is going where the petrol is cheap so have twisted his arm. As I type he is probably driving along mumbling under his breath and admiring my powers of persuasion. X

  • Yes, thanks Lu.

    ToD xx

  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful post, I am sure it will help many members x :)

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