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hi i have fibro been on dla 7 years it is due to be renewed this year as i will go on pip i have never claimed esa but thinking of doing it soon my husband works full time his wage is not brillant but we manage im 54 and at the age of 16 i started work and left having done 10 years to go to a new job which lasted 12 months as i was pregnant .I went back to work part time 16 hours a week for 6 months and left due to illness and havent worked since.I am worried in case i get turnd down for esa because i have not got enough stamp and i get turned down for pip would i be able to claim jsa or would i have to live of my husbands earnings we would not manage could anybody help please thankyou

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U may get contribution esa as u have worked previously but they usually work it out if u been working the past two yrs, u may not get incone related due to ur partner working but i would ring them ask them about ur previous work yrs and im sure they take credits from certain benefits people r on, call them and just ask as u may get it xx

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I agree. I don't think you'll get income related ESA because your hubby is working more than 16 hours by the sound of it. You may get contribution based if you have paid in enough what used to be called stamp (can't remember the current phrase for it).

Yes if you are still intending to work yourself you should at least get JSA but you will have to be applying for jobs.

But definitely give them a ring and ask the question. The worst they can say is no.

Good luck


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Hi there.

I had my DLA for 9 year just been for pip but loss most of it . Just because I could plan a jouney might sound daft but it's true go look at benifits and work and take the test it gives you most the question they ask may be in other words but it's the same.

I get ESA contributions rate because I worked up to going on it. I have just got another form of back to work form but I will take it all the way if they knock me of this I will not sign on JSA because you yourself are saying you are fit to work and there is no way I could work.

I loved my Job and would work 12 hours a day if I could and not to feel like I do just to feel normal would be great.

I am sending mine back next week just waiting of a letter from my doctors to put with it.

Will let you all know.

If you ring welfare rights they will work out for you with out you having to fill all the very nosey forms in if you would be entitled to any thing else at all. You will need to tell them them amount of your hubbys wage and any other income.

They worked ours out and we was £10 to much to beable to claim another £60 aweek.

We do only have to pay half poll tax which is an help.

Best of luck


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thankyou will look in to it x

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[iFMA UK have a dedicated benefit helpline, you may get some good advice from them? I have pasted you a link below:


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



ESA comes in two forms, contribution based and income based. Contribution based ESA relies on the NI contributions in the last two years, so if you have not paid any, you cannot be eligible. Income based ESA is means-tested against household income so if your husband has a full time job, again, you will not be eligible for payments, but you could be eligible for NI credits towards your State Pension, so it is important that you claim as soon as possible as you need 35 years of NI contributions or Credits to get a full State Pension after April 2016.

If you were to claim JSA, it is like ESA, contribution or income based, and you get NI credits, so I would try claiming ESA, and if you are turned down, claim JSA, just to get the NI credits.


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