Hello everyone ever since I got told I had fibromyalgia it's felt like I've been in a nightmare and one day I will just wake up and be ok but that's not going to happen it's so hard I can't get my head around the fact that I have to be careful everyday or risk getting a flare up and I've had to change my life the past five years to suit my condition matthew

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  • Hi Mathew im sorry to hear u feel that way i know how u feel.. Its horrible going to sleep in so much pain living in hope that wen u wake up in the morning u might be normal again its like expecting a miricle.. I hope thy find a cure soon i hope u feel well soon

  • Hello ouch I sleep fine cos of the tablets I'm on that's the only time I get away from the pain I'm in

  • Yes adapting to this illness is a slow process as like you we all live in hope that the nightmare will go away. Pacing is so difficult as it is so easy to overdo it on the days when we feel a little better.x

  • I know I can pace myself quite well nw but there's times when I still overdo things but it's less often than it used to be

  • It's a pain literally isn't it, it just goes on and on, one day you feel fine then wham bam you feel awful, it's all about acceptance which is so hard because you think to yourself why can't I do the normal things everyone else does? Then you push yourself to do things and make it worse, round in circles. As said all we can do is hope a cure will come one day, meanwhile look after yourself and take care.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Sorry to hear this Matthew. We all learn coping mechanisms but pacing and frequent rests is my only help (with pain meds). Take it easy. Heather x

  • When I was diagnosed with Fibro many years ago, I was told I would have to grieve over the lifestyle I had. But it was not the end of the world, my life would continue

    in a different way. Learning to say "no" and not pushing myself became my way of

    living. Now a days, I do what I want to, even knowing I may get a flare up. When I

    have a good energetic day, I don't want it to go to waste. The next day or so, becomes

    my "me" day where I just vegetate in front of the tv, watch a movie, use hot bathes,

    heat pads for comfort. I refuse to let this condition rule my life more than it has.

    Take care.

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