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Lyrica/ Gabapentin

Anyone on this forum who has tried one of these drugs? I would be really grateful for your comments. I have fibro and RA for which I inject 15mg methotrexate weekly. I'm currently also struggling with depression for which I have 40mg Citalopram. Help and advice really welcome.

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I have found Citilopram very helpful. It took a couple of weeks to take effect but well worth the wait. Waking up in the morning is fun though lol. My eyes don't want to stay open 😳😳🐸

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I take Gabapentin, have done since around March last year. It was prescribed initially for Shingles but after research and talking to Gp I decided to try upping the dose for fibro.

Anything specific you would like to know, I'll try to help if I can.

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Hi there,

I have had both... For me the gabapentin was like taking smarties (mmm, Smarties). It did very little to help my excruciating pain (first thing I was prescribed when diagnosed). I know it is very efficient for some people and th milder of the two.

For me the Lyrica is much much better at helping :) but then again it is al about the person and how they react to it. I am still getting side effects but, they way out weigh the help and decrease with problems & pain is well worth it!

Although as I was feeling much better I decided that I would go to France (from the Uk) an hours flight and 1 hour time change. It seemed easy.... Now I am here I am paying very much in pain and am sad that I might not be able to do much :( so yeah, they aren't miracle drugs!!

Hope this helps a little :s

Starrie :)

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Hello there

I personally take Gabapentin which I find does take the edge off my pain.

It does very much seem to be trial and error as to which meds suit you the best.

Both Lyrica and Gabapentin have a side effect of weight gain.

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx


Yes, I have taken lyrica for several years. It was the first medicine I ever had to take daily. When I got it ... It. On my counter looking at me for a couple weeks before I finally realize that I needed to give it a go, because nothing was changing unless I did somethi differently. Just a heads up with the first day I took the medicine, I immediately got extremely exhausted so much so that I had to lay down and I slept the whole night. My son was a little little boy then, & I called the Dr's office the next day and said that there was no way I could take this during the day, or even at night with the fatigue it caused. The doctor actually called me back and said that to skip the morning dose for now, but continue to take the evening G dose. He said extreme fatique would lessen. Although it does make me tired, it is not quite like it was in the beginning and it did lessen in severity of fatigue. I do believe it helps with my pain....especially through the night. I know everyone is different, but I have to tell you that there's absolutely no way I would be able to navigate driving the car once I had taken the preglabin,lyrica, ...absolutely no way. So, yes it does help me. I do not have any additional information about the other medicine as I cannot take that due to an interaction with another medicine right now . I don't know how other people are in regards to lyrica... But once I take it and the effects start to be noticeable physically, I do not like the feeling... It's not bad it's just kind of weird... And that's when I usually choose to go to bed because it's almost like a loopy feeling, but not in a good way. If that makes sense. I know its scary starting new medicine. I'm still the same way if something was offered to me. I think a healthy skepticism and investigation is always good. You're your own best advocate!

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i've been on Lyrica for about 5 years now. I was in extreme pain with shooting, burning pains everywhere especially in my back and was at my wits end. GP gave me Lyrica and started me off at a very low dose as he knew how badly I reacted to certain tablets. The first two weeks I was on another planet and could only sit wrapped up in a blanket on the chair as I felt so fuzzy and exhausted but after about a week I realised that the terrible pain was starting to lessen and as the dose slowly increased it lessened a bit more.

I now take a tablet in the morning and evening and if the pain is bad either take one in the middle of the day or increase night time dose. I did not drive for about a month and then only short distances but slowly my body got used to it and the side effects are just feeling tired but fibro iteself can do that and I always have a slight headache. I would not drive if I took a tablet midday. I chose to be on a lower dose with more pain in order to lead a more normal life. I have gained some weight but not a lot and to be honest I put that down to being alot less active than I was before as I used to garden, swim and walk alot so that is to be expected.

Hope this is helpful. Best if luck whatever you decide.x

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Hi MollyD

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information: fmauk.org/

I personally take Lyrica (Pregabalin) as a migraine suppressant. It does help a little with my Fibro pain if used in conjunction with my other medications and my MediPen.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you for your welcome and kind thoughts.

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Hi Molly,

Lyrica should not be prescribed to anyone with clinical depression. I had a very bad reaction both physically & mentally, & only took it for 3 days.

I react very badly to anti-depressants, too.

Make sure you read the contraindications, as your GP might not have done so.


ps I know lots of people who are helped by both drugs, they're just very bad for me!

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Hello Molly,

My GP prescribed Gabapentin for me prior to seeing the Rheumotologist as she suspected that I had Fibro. The Consultant confirmed the diagnosis and then we slowly upped the dose. I am currently on 800mg X 3 times a day. I find that it really helps with the pain in joints such as elbows, hands and ankles.

I take other painkillers for osteoarthritis and back pain.

I hope that you find something that works effectively for you.

Best wishes,


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Lyrica works for me. Takes the edge of the pain off. But not sufficient on their own. All the best.


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Pregablin saved my life, the pain was too much to handle for way too long, tried everything else, everything. It takes the edge off and long term now I have reduced the dose to maintaining and can bump up if flaring.


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