Hi everyone hope you are all well. I have been put on Lyrica 50mg ( which is a low dose apparently) twice a day and have found that I am totally spaced out! I am too scared to take the second dose because it would be too close to taking the amitriptyline I take in the evening to help me sleep ( think it would Have too much sedative effect) I have only been taking it for three days. What is your experience with this medication? And should I stick with it as I have been unsteady on my feet and have had a fall and felt very anxious as a result and my gp said it would help with the anxiety and falls.

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  • Hi Gilford

    I was prescribed those about 2 years ago by the pain clinic same dose as you. I left them of after about a week I couldn't walk straight spaced out, tumbling over I went back to my GP who prescribed gabapentin same effect. Xx

  • Thank you dilly1 for your reply I think I may give it a couple of weeks to see if my body gets used to them or I will go back to my gp as you did x

  • Yes Gilford I'm on temgesic tablets that you pop under your tongue I was so dizzy when I first started them but my body has got used to them and I'm fine now. X

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that. I have a much higher dose than yours and it took me quite some time to get use to the drug. I use to feel exactly the same way as you but my bigger concern with this medication now is weight gain.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Gilford,

    When I was first put on pregabalin I had the same problem - doc started me on too high a dose for me to cope with. So I asked him for the 25mg tabs instead. I started on one of these at night (helped me sleep), and then increased them by 25mg each week. That way I was able to build up the dose.

    I still only take a low dose (100mg at night and 25mg in the morning). For me it's a trade off between getting a little pain relief, being able to sleep, and being able to function through the day.

  • I have been on Lyrica for nerve pain for a few years now, when I started with 75mg I had horrible side effects too (dizziness, was holding on to fluids badly and just felt drunk) but it made such a difference to me that I pushed myself through the first few days and felt absolutely fine on it a week later. It made such a difference to me, the pain was much better and I could sleep again.

    I used to be 300mg morning and night but had really bad lyrica withdrawal symptoms when I lost my medication on my holiday, I couldn't sleep at all for 3 nights and felt I was going crazy, luckily I was able to buy some at a local African pharmacy and was able to enjoy the rest of my holiday. After my holiday I decided to slowly get of the lyrica (did not like being depended on it) but was in too much pain on any dose lower than 200mg, so I'm sticking with that dose for now.

    Medication seems to be very personal to everyone, just see if its worth taking for you. I just wanted to let you know that withdrawal can be difficult for a lot of people (not just for me, there are lots of posts about it online) I was just unaware of it at the time.

    Take care and hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you for your reply's guys, I think I will give them a little longer as desperate for any help. Listening to you, makes me apprehensive regarding the withdrawal problems so will be reluctant to have the strength increased though. Thank you for taking the time to advise me I appreciate it. X

  • Hi i was only diagnosed with Fibro in June....I was put on pregabalin 75mg twice daily only lasted 3 days on them I felt so spaced out and drunk like and the muscles in my legs seized up felt like I had done hours in the gym....I didnt feel comfortable taking something that made me feel like that while I was working especially as I work with children ..... now taking amitriptyline started on 10mg two hours before bed for 4 weeks and GP upped them to 20mg.... i know these meds take a few weeks to feel any benefit but i am not really finding any benefit from this drug that may just be my awkward body.....especially as reading some people get a good or better nights sleep on 10mg

  • Hi. I have found a really useful clear explanation about using Amitryptyline for pain relief at which you might like to look at.

    One thing though. It doesn't mention 'night mares' as a side effect....I developed them within weeks and had to stop taking it....but I was just unlucky I guess it didn't work for me.

  • Thanks for that stumped good and useful explanation there :)

  • Hi everyone.

    Pregabelin(Lyrica) is one of the few tried and tested meds applicable to Fibro it seems.

    FMA UK advise booklet mentions it.

    As we know to our pain cost not all Fibro behaves the same so therefore not all meds deal with the pain the same I was on gabapentin for a while I cannot use anytripteline only have citalopram.

    Pregabelin works well for me I also have codeine and quinine at night My experience for what it is worth is try for 2 weeks what ever med or treatment unless you are in life threatening!

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