Hope for a Healthier and Happier New Year!

Thank you all for being out there for the past year as I have struggled with my diagnosis; how can something that feels this bad not have a 'cure'? Thank you for helping me to laugh at my struggles, it is such a relief to have people who understand. I wish for us all a happier and healthier 2016, but I suspect that when the clocks chime I will be either fast asleep or trying to soothe the dog. So ((Hugs)) to you all.

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  • Hugs back and at midnight i will be lying in bed calming the dog.

    She sleeps on her own bed at the side of me.

    Heres hoping that we all have a good year.

    :) sue

  • I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful pain free new year x :)

  • Happy New Year, I hope it's not too painful 😀

  • Happy new year

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