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New year

Hi as we are almost saying bye to 2015 lets be positive about 2016!

There are good things waiting us all however small or large!

Take time to look for simple pleasures is a start.

Sunshine(if you can see after the rain),plants flowers Animals both pets and farm type can all give you a smile.

Finally write down what you have been grateful for in 2015...... family? Friends? Medics? Holidays? Once you start thinking lots of ideas flow.Go on give it a go.

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I cannot wait for New Year. I have committed myself to self-help and change my lifestyle to improve my condition. More exercise and better pacing between activity and rest. I am also going to work on changing my sleeping habits and make more effort in getting up at the same time each day like others who work etc.


That is wonderful my friend, thank you so much for sharing this with us all :) :)


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