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Ok that's it

ok that is it no moor winging I have done to much oh poor me moving home oh poor me having to go in to hospital . Well I have had enough of it I am starting to feel sorry for myself well it stops right now

I have a husband who after 25 years married still loves me and still tells me that he is staying put and not going any were , so I am a bit well lets say it as it is if I was a car I would be a cock can by now and then I would of been put in the recycle l bin about 3 times by now . But I am not I have the 3 most perfect grandbabys well one is 16 the other 2 1 will be 1 on the 14 December the other 1 1 on 14 Feb so what moor do I need , I even have my Pip who is a treat to own .

So hay I have pain and hay I even cry at times but I have had enough I and now going to be me if even for a few hours I am going to dance shout at the world and say up yours

Well I am going to hum and sway but I am still going to say no I am a person I am me . I am not fibro girl I am not back pain girl or any other pain I am me first . I have a good life if I sit and think about it I have moor going for me than most I am not going to die from fibro I am going to live I am going to have a life and I am going to fight it all the way

well if even for the time I wright this then I will sit back and have a rest I hope every one is or will have a good day soon and you all have something special to look forward to

so mummy hugs for you if you need it and for the rest big friend hugs

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Well said Kath. I try do that every day for my own sanity. Some days are better than others as you say but we must remember we do have so much to be grateful for! Hugs to you xx💕💕💕


That sounds so positive, and I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken :)


Yes! Well done you!.....I had a course of CBT when I was diagnosed and what a difference it made to my way of thinking... :-D :-D :-D I try to be as positive as I can and treat myself with kid gloves when I'm feeling down!

Enjoy what you can.....and don't beat yourself up for things you can't control... (That's my motto)

Much love..... Ninja.....♥♥♥


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