Just wondering how many of you have had your thyroid levels checked? When I was diagnosed I went to the doctor about my pains as I figured the tiredness was just due to the kids I was referred to rheumatology and got my diagnosis not sure what bloods were run. Today my gp phoned to tell me I have hypothyroidism after googling I am wondering if I was misdiagnosed as the symptoms seem to overlap

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  • Thyroid is a common condition amongst FMS sufferers. It may well be another sign of FM. Hopefully, Levothyroxine will help with some of your symptoms.

    Wish you well. :) Tulip xx

  • Mine came back negative.

  • Mine too.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. I have had several tests and none of them have ever shown a thyroid issue for myself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroid, they are separate conditions, I hope you receive proper treatment soon xx

  • Hi

    Yes, hypothyroid symptoms and fibro symptoms are very similar and both conditions seem to affect many of us here.

    Once you start Levothyroxine and get to a dose suitable for you, you should feel a little better, especially with the fatigue.

    The Thyroid site on Communities will be able to give you more advice, they are particularly active on diagnosis and thyroxin levels.

    It is worth asking for a copy of your results from your GP surgery so you can make comparisons and see where you are on the scale. You are lucky that you have a definite diagnosis as many GPs will not prescribe if you are borderline.

    As to whether you have been misdiagnosed, I guess your rheumatologist pressed the points on your body to see if your pain was more than should be in a person without fibro and also took a full history. There is not a blood test for fibro, but it does mean other conditions can be excluded. It is more an accumulation of symptoms and generally feeling unwell on a day to day basis.

    Both the fibro and thyroid forums give useful advice, (I may be biased but I like this site better for friendliness and support) :) :)

    Hope this helps


  • Thank you I suppose it is wishful thinking on my part that some pills will help with the pain though at the minute it's the fatigue that is killing me. I have 6 kids and have just completed my degree with the plan to get a job when my daughter starts school the way I've been feeling that is an impossible dream so the idea That the tablets will help is nice. I suppose it's also nice to have something that can be proved as well so I can no longer have those jerk doctors who don't believe doubting how I feel

  • Hi there, I've got low thyroid, low B12 and Fibro, and that's the order they were diagnosed in. It's a bit of a problem deciding which one is causing the symptoms. MariLiz

  • Hi I have an under active thyroid and take thyroxin every day I also have fm When I started taking thyroxin I too hoped that they would be a wonder drug which would heal all the symptoms if the fm over night. Unfortunately apart from help with the tiredness (slightly) I still had all the other syptoms. We all live with the hope that one day there will be this miraculous tablet that is going to make us all better but until that glorious day all we can do is adapt to our new way of life. Sorry I couldn't give you some better news. Hope you get some help from the thyroxin.


  • Thank you too be honest I figured that was probably the case :-( I suppose it's because recently I have been struggling to. Cope which was never the case before I was always able to power on and get things done, I know my rheumatologist said that it wouldn't get worse but that was a load of nonsense hopefully the extreme worsening of symptoms was due to the thyroid and I am thankful that despite the fibro diagnosis my gp had the sense to listen when I told her this tiredness was different from my fibro and ran the thyroid test.

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