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Thyroid, fibromyalgia connection please help

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Hi all

I hope that you can help, as you all did for me recently :)

I've had a few thyroid function blood tests done recently, as Hypothyroidism was suspected along side my fibro. My results have come back in range but only just.So my doctor has decided no medication needed at moment as results borderline, though he does agree by symptoms , he thinks a small dose of t3 would benefit me and get my levels up to a normal mid range . He told me hypothyroidism is quite common in fibro sufferers .So I was wondering if anybody has had any thyroid problems and did treatment make a difference to your every day life .?

Hope this makes sense and isn't too much waffle

Many thanks


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Hi Keels67 , I was diagnosed with FM in 1999 and under active thyroid in 2006.Ive been on meds ever since never had normal reading since. I take Synthroid 125mcg. X daily. My gp said does affect control of your body temps.I am very hot natured, he also said meds make you sweat, which I can't stand.Hope this helps . Peck.🐤

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Thanks Peck , yes does help

Hi Keels, there is a very informative site on HU for Thyroid members. Have a look in. Take care xx

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Keels67 in reply to

Thanks will have a good look

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HI Keef67 ,

Have a look at this link posted by one of our Admins at the time Mdaisy !

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Hi Keels67

Although there is no medical evidence that Thyroid issues and Fibro are connected, there is always a chance of having multiple medical conditions, a misdiagnosis of Fibro or even one chronic illness helping to instigate another?

I have had several thyroid blood tests and they have all been quite normal, and yet I have Fibro! If your bloods show you to be borderline then the doctor knows best when they say a course of T3 may help you?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I have both. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 30 years ago and have been on thyroxine meds ever since. It did make a huge difference to me. I didn't have a cricket ball stuck in my throat any more for starters. My bloods have always come back as at the very bottom of normal, even now. My Fibro was diagnosed less than a year ago.

From many posts on this forum I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of us with both medical conditions 🐸

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Thanks sore bones and I hope you are having a pain free day .I have come to the conclusion that neither hypothyroidism or fibromyalgia are exclusive of each other . In fact there is a study going on in Scotland that is researching fibromyalgia and it's links or probability of links with other conditions .

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Coastwalker in reply to Keels67

Fibromyalgia is a listed symptom of Hypothyrodism (Low Thyroid)

See on NHS Choices - .

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Once I was optimally medicated for Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) my Fibro all over pains and electric shock pains all went overnight. Fibromyalgia is a listed symptom of Hypothyroidism, though I had to keep pushing my Doctor to up my medication other wise I would still have my Fibro all over pains and electric shocks.

Take a look on the Thyroid Uk forum site and ask more questions if needed, they helped me back to health.

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