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Hello hello

Hello there, best community ever,

It's been a while I didn't share anything but don't worry I haven't been keeping all my bad feelings and frustrations to myself :) I was actually writing them down. I decided to start a blog, like a an e-diary where I talk about how badly I 'm dealing with this thing :) The only name that came to my head first was: the Diary of a non-assumed fibromyalgia sufferer but I didn't keep this one because first it was too long and second, I still think that somehow, someday I will finally accept my condition and learn to understand it and live better with it and I actually hoped that this blog could help me with this. Why not just keep this to my self in a personal, private diary? Well because I thought that if there is one thing I should start with, is assuming my own feelings, thoughts and life interpretations in the face of the world. (the truth is, I'd rather talk about it to foreigners and strangers that know how it feels than my own flesh and blood. Sad but true.)

I don't know if I can share my blog link here (of course I didn't read the terms and conditions- Are there any by the way?) but if interested in giving me advice, let me know ;)

God bless you all my fellows and help you be at least 10 times stronger than I am :)



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Hallo if you look at the right hand side of the page under Topics you will see different headings in blue and there is one called Guidelines.

I think writing things down can really get our minds in order and gives us a point of reference to look back on. Often in that way we can see patterns emerging and at the least it gives us some sort of timescale as to when things happened.

I agree it is often easier to talk to strangers about these things as there isn't the emotional involvement that we have with very close family and friends and probably not the judgement either.

Long may your blog go on.x


Thank you for your answer rosewine (I like this pseudo :) ). Actually you did get my intentions very well, you summed up exactly the reasons that led me to start the blog and your understanding is so full of encouragement!

Bless you rosewine ;)


You can ask any members interested in your blog to post you and give them a link via private message under the guidelines.

I do think that public blogs are a good idea for many reasons as they raise awareness, let others know that they are not alone and can help others (and yourself) with this horrid illness.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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