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Permitted work

have been trying my best to work with my fibro and after months of trail and tribulation ,ups and downs have managed to get myself in a place that I feel to try to do some work...for monetary purposes really, but also for confidence and all that.....

My question is to all you great folk..has anyone embarked on Permitted Work..that is work that is allowed, under certain rules and regs... ...I am receipt of ESA (Work Related Group) anyone trying to do Permitted Work?

It would be great to supplement my benefit and good for me I think...has anyone any experience or words of caution or otherwise...

Thank you in advance,,,,


Sabina x

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Hi Sab,

I used to do Permitted Work but that finished 10 years ago. Although it was good to have something to occupy me, but financially I didn't gain more than £20 a week and my benefit was reduced to some extent, so really didn't benefit much at all. I'm not sure what the current regulations are, but I think they have changed.

Foggy x


Thank you seems that officially I cannot get a definitive answer for some reason!....I certainly would not be able to cope with loss of the little I am entitled to though.

Thanks for taking the time to your little dog pic x


It is not something that I have done but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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