GPs suggest Ruby Wax book or PD

On Monday saw a different GP because the one I spoke to recently wasn't available till Friday and sometimes it's good to get a different view. He suggested I buy a book by Ruby Wax. Said it would help me to understand and deal with my problems. Although this might help in some way I decided to go back to other GP on Friday. She now wonders if I have PD. She's going to go over my notes (she doesn't know my history) and I've to see her again next week.

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  • Its good to get a fresh perspective. Good that a GP actually reads your notes

  • Yes, but she's a locum so isn't there full time.

  • Don't mean to be rude but what's PD?

  • Parkinsons Disease

  • Ah. Oh dear, that's not so good. It runs in my family so am very aware of keeping an eye on any tremors etc.

    I hope you get a definitive answer soon. The not knowing puts so much strain on you x 🐸

  • Thanks for your concern

  • Oh dear Anne,

    I do so hope that it isn't Parkinson's , I thought I might be going down that route but my GP assured me I have what is called "essential tremor" as my hands and sometimes my arms too shake quite violently.

    I really hope that they rule out PD for you and I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes to you 😀😀

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for that. No point in worrying till I need to. As you say it may be essential tremor.

  • Funnily enough some e was talking about this book on here the other day they had also been recommended it, it's called Sane New World I think. So sorry to hear you may have Parkinson's.

  • Just have to wait and see. Hopefully it won't be.

  • Whatever the decision we the forum are here to support‼

  • I wan to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appointment, and I sincerely hope that you do not have PD.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you very much for your concern. My thoughts are " there is always someone worse off" . I've just lost another friend with the big C. We all have crosses to bare.

    Everyone on here is so caring, it's encouraging. Thanks again.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to hear about your friend, please take care of yourself.

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