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Assessment day and the outcome

Good morning everyone

This is why I haven't been on for a while and why I have felt so low and let down. We had two ladies come to our house and wanted to know everything about our finances which we gave them. I was the. Told two hours later via a phone call we had £2.25 a month to much to qualify for any help with a grant towards changing the bathroom? I thought the wanted that information to help me around the house with care? They told me that is a different dept and gave me a number.

I rang them who said they need to arrange a care manager to come and see me but there is awaiting list which I have been on for over 3 months now? We have now had to take out a loan and buy a walk in bath arrange delivery and book a plumber to come on September the 8th to fit this. All of this has cost us £800

I can't manage the stairs very well or do anything around the cooker to lift things out so shocked that no one is going to help us. Has anyone else experienced this ?

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How terrible for you. We have just bought a bungalow and the plumber has just rung asking OH to go over and let him in as at long last installation of the bathroom has just started. It is. A really expensive game being disabled. Such a pity you missed out on the grant by such a small amount. Remember that you can get all the materials and installation VAT free if you fill in the form what we have saved as ours had to be gutted has paid for the shower. Soft hugs keep the thought of how lovely it will be to just walk into the bath. Happy bathing.x

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My social worker and occupational therapist told me I needed a walk in wet room, stairlift and wheelchair, I could get a grant for these but in meantime for free put a hand rail up the stairs, two toilet seat raisers and a handle to help me get out bed easier we could believe our luck both of us worked all our lives and never had anything before they said that a colleague would come and assess our finances, said woman came and said to husband do you get a pension, he said yes and she then said its not worth going on with I would be wasting your time because you do not qualify, what a let down, but we were pleased that we had the other things, it doesnt pay to work these days. Best wishes

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Thats terrible all for sake off extra £2.25

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Hi again,

I am so genuinely sorry to read that and it really doesn't seem fair. I have not personally encountered anything of this nature as I have always just paid for whatever the wife and I have needed. I was wondering if there were no other sources that could provide a grant such as a private charity or grant provider?

I have pasted you a link to the National Voluntary Community Organisation who may be able to offer you a list of local charitable funders who can offer you a grant or other financial support for this project:

National Voluntary Community Organisation

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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