Jewellery to heavy


Does this make sense? I found my jewellery to heavy to ware. If I have a bracelet on I find myself having to take it off, as it feels like lead. Also whenever I try to ware a necklace, I feel as if this is choking me. The more I say this the dafter it sounds, but it is true.

I also found just this morning that a top that I had put on to ware, was too far up my neck, and again I had to change this. whenever, I buy anything new, I find myself cutting all the labels off as it irritates me. Woollen cardigans, would be out of the question, as I would sneeze all day.

Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just misfit.

Karen xxx

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  • Yes I started off with handbags to heavy to carry, so bought across the body ones and in time they began to hurt my neck and too heavy for my shoulders so ditched them and went back to handbags which my husband carried when I became tired, I used to call him Roy Cropper (Cornation Streets character) but he didn't mind. I've now had to buy a rollater to walk with so I keep bag in basket. I cannt wear necklaces , too heavy nor tolerate labels some of my clothes I cannt wear because they feel too heavy for shoulders, things feel as if they are choking me, I feel on times like a complete whimp that I cannt wear jewellery because it sometimes makes an outfit complete. a lot of us are the same very sensitive to various different things noise, light, weather and weighty clothes. Just carry on as best you can that is all you can do.

  • I am so pleased you mentioned sound. Do you know I cannot even tolerate the sound of someone whispering on television. Also when someone is chewing a hard sweet I have to move away. As for the cold, well this year I am just going to hibernate


  • Yes, it makes complete sense. Looking for clothing which I can wear is a nightmare. My wardrobe is so much reduced :-) I no longer wear jewellry :-(

  • I agree, looking for clothing. It just sounds so strange to others when I say there are clothes I cannot wear.


  • You are most definitely not a misfit. I too cut off my labels - they feel so sharp and they dig in to my skin.

    Can't say about the jewellery as I never really wear any but I have binned all my polo neck jumpers and replaced them with round necks. I used to love them but they make me so uncomfortable. I was forever pulling the neck down as they felt so tight and annoying.

    Hadn't connected it to anything until I read your post xx

  • It's incredible how so many feel the same.


  • I was asked to wear a monitor on my wrist as part of a large thingy (words gone) I could not cope. I do sometimes wear earrings but many are too heavy.

  • Yes I have been asked to wear a copper bracelet. I knew before I tried it this would not work


  • No you are not alone with this. I can no longer wear any fitted clothes all has to be soft fabric easy to wear, I don't want to feel my clothes if that makes sense xx

  • Yes it does make sense.


  • Yes I agree!!

  • I find dangly earrings are a definite "no no"! I can usually manage smaller gold stud earrings, but anything else irritates my ear lobe and makes it itchy and even starts "weeping".

    I also have problems with rings, they make my finger feel swollen, my husband moans that I don't wear my engagement ring... he just doesn't understand how a ring can cause me a problem I can just tolerate my plain wedding ring.

    I also have problems with wearing make up, have to use very plain unscented moisturizer on my face, I find that lipstick makes my lips feel swollen, so only wear it on special occasions for a short time. Also, cannot tolerate the smell of perfume, so only wear it occasionally.

    Always wear loose clothing and like you I cut out itchy labels. X

  • Thanks for you response, people don't understand when they do not have this problem


  • I have to wear non-alcoholic lotion. At one point I could tolerate perfume if it was on my clothes. Now nada nope not happening I will get sick. Sometimes when in the car with daughter and son in law. Between the two when we get where we are going I am nauseous. I have to be careful when in stores.

  • I have given up wearing jewellery especially necklaces as they really make my neck hurt, it's sad as I had some which were lovely and looked very nice with certain outfits.

    Now my priority is comfort over everything else, I can't wear wool next to my skin otherwise I develop huge blisters, I have a couple of cotton roll necks which I can just about cope with, but I feel the cold so much that roll necks are almost a must during the winter but I totally understand what people are saying about them feeling too constraining.

    Foggy x

  • Hello I feel the cold too. In the winter I end up wearing a scoop next t shirt, thin long cardigan and a scarf..However the scarf does not have to go to near my neck


  • Sorry that was meant to say scoop neck t shirt. I am hopeless

  • I'm the same can't wear anything that. I Call 'picky' , definitely no wool next to my skin, and looking back I've always been like that since a youngster ive had very sensitive skin, it was probably this thing lurking in my system, I did use to wear polo necks in The sixties but they had to be very soft cotton etc, but now I'm the same with jewellery especially necklaces, I got rid of lots of gold chains etc and bought my I pad and computer, much more useful to me now 😃

  • Yes I used to like to ware skirts, but in the winter I can no longer wear tights as they are too tight around my stomach. I find myself just wearing leggings now, at least they are comfortable.


  • I have started to find labels bothering me so I am cutting them out of shirts and slacks. I haven't worn wool in years due to allergies so I can't say about how that feels.

  • Until i read this I thought it was just me. but I am noticing labels, especially on my bras, are irritating me and recently on holiday I found I was very aware of my necklaces, not exactly too heavy, but I knew it was there. x

  • It's amazing how this seems to be a pattern. Sensitivity to noise, especially someone whispering or chewing drives me mad too.

    I am thinking of moving to the moon to be alone.


  • I find the finishing on hems on inside if clothes irritate me, had to get changed twice yesterday as I was annoyed with my clothes. Ended up in jiggers and top, I wouldn't go out the house in jiggers ever I live in jeans but find now especially during school holidays I only get 'dressed' when I need to leave the house! Feel like a total slob and it doesn't help my motivation to go out with the kids!

  • You are not alone! I no longer wear anything on hands, wrist or neck. i simply cannot tolerate anything on my neck at all! On my wrist it feels as if it is scrapping my skin off! My hands are where it feels as if I am carrying bricks! I have never liked labels. I have never really made the connection between this and fibro though so it does make me wonder.

  • You're definitely not a misfit, , I have been like this for year's but I've never heard of anyone else having it. I had to change my nightie last night because the arms were too tight I also have bother with seams. What a relief it is to read this post. I wish I had something positive to tell you, maybe some of the other members will have something positive gentle hugs x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Yes I am the same all labels have to go, much better with natural fabric and don;t get me started on heavy necklaces and bracelets. Can't stand being in a cafe or restaurant when they use those coffee machines or grind beans I feel as though a drill is going through my ear. You are certainly not a misfit, well if you are I am too.xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you x

  • You're not alone!!

    I hate necklaces and I have beautiful ones, bracelets which one is designer, so heavy I can hardly lift my arm, even my wedding band which weighs nothing irritates me.

    So I can honestly say my happiest moments are in my PJ's and slippers!!!

    Wishing you a happy pain free day


  • Do you know I agree. I love my nightie and dressing gown, also hot water bottle in the cold.

    Karen xxx

  • You're not going crazy, I'm constantly taking my watch off cos it feels uncomfortable and I remove labels as well - we can all go crazy together!!

  • I sometimes have to just take put my watch off, and put it in my not so heavy bag.

    Karen xx

  • I'll show this my boss. I complained that our new wrist alarms are making me itch and annoying me as I find that it is either too tight and itches or moves is driving me mad.

  • Yes you do that, although he/she will probably not understand as he is not having to deal with it.

    Karen xx

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