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The chemist picks my prescriptions up from doctors and my daughter collects it of them, but today I noticed my lyrica has been changed for a cheaper version called pregablin teva. Has this ever happened anyone, or is anyone on this brand. I'm worried it won't work as well as the lyrica brand. Plus on the information list it says it's used for, General anxiety disorders and epilepsy, but the lyrica list treats both of the plus neuropathy pain. Please help

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  • If you're on pregabalin for neuro pain then I think technically the GP should be prescribing lycria due to a high court ruling about the licenced use.

    Not overly convinced there is any difference but the patent means that GP 'should as far as reasonable possible' only prescribe lycria for neuropathic pain and not generic pregab.

  • Just tried to read the link but it says page not recognised?

  • I read up on your like it was very interesting I might be able to use it in my favour as it is used to control my pain rather than epilepsy or GAD so thanks for that

  • I hope that you have found my reply on the other post? (The forum is having a few issues tonight) They are both the same drug but one is generic and one is brand name.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with this medication.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken that's very nice of you to say, I was talking with someone else they same to think it's the chemist changing it to the cheaper band rather than the doctors because. When I ordered it with the doctors I just asked for my usual lyrica

  • Often the generic drug has a different name and I know Lyrica and Pregablin are both used to describe this drug. Often different brands have different looking capsules and I know this can cause confusion especially in our foggy brains, I don't know about you but I do like a sameness in my meds as we all become familiar with what drugs we take and which tablet is which and if we have a different brand with different colours it is easy to get confused if we take several different sorts of meds.. I am presuming the dose is the same? Have you had a look at the new packet and the old one to compare ingredients? Sometimes it is just some of the fillings that are not actually active that a different. I know my doctor used to prescribe me the Liquid Capsules of Neurofen and I swear it was much better and quicker acting than the rough pink tablets I have now but they stopped prescribing the other sort as soon as they became in charge of their own budget. Let us know how you get on with them as I might be having to make the change when I go to a new doctor.x

  • Thanks rosewine I rang and they said because I'm new I was already on lyrica but the surgery only do this time of pregablin so that's why it might have took a few months for someone to realise and then make the switch, so I don't want to go beating my chest and demand my lyrica if your every one else is on the other one. I'm a bit gutted I hate change and I really liked them there all I've known since the illness began, it's all about budgeting, they changed my cymbalta to duluxitine or something. Don't know about you but if it's not a change and a fight for tablets it's a change and a fight for benefits, I just want to be left alone to deal with this unforgivable illness, it's more than enough. Good luck with your change of doctors x

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