Hello everyone,

I hope your all feeling ok today. I just came back from the clinic myself. I got a referral to see an ortho doctor, getting blood work to test for lupus, and I also had a doctor order some lyrica for me to try. I almost feel like it's been long over due that I should be on this. Meds are costing me a fortune but I don't care anymore I'm in so much pain. Especially my neck and headaches.

Does anyone else take Lyrica and what effect has it had on you. Also what dosage. Thanks!🌞

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  • Glad you are getting some help. I have been on Lyrica for nearly 7 years now and it has really helped me. Before I was on it I could hardly breathe for the pain and the burning knife like pains were unbearable. Unfortunately I find that I can't take too high a dose as it makes me very fuzzy (I have had this problem with many drugs). I am on just 50 mg in the morning and 75mg at night as I chose to have more pain but to be able to function normally as I like the ability to be able to drive. On a higher dose the pain is better but I don't want to do anything as the fuzzy head makes me feel very lethargic and and a bit as though I am on planet Zog.

    Others can tolerate a much higher dose than me so get more benefit. I also have to take a cocktail ofs as I have asthma, IBS, osteo, allergies, high chlorestrol and high blood pressure so that combination might be a factor in me being unable to tolerate a higher dose.

    I do hope that it helps you, let us know how you get on.x

  • Thank you so much for your information. That has helped me a lot. I'm going to start by taking 75 mg twice a day. I'm hoping that it won't be too much, you sound like you have a lot of the same problems I do.

  • Hi there

    Lyrica is the same as Pregabalin. Different doses suit different people and this medication doesn't agree with eveyone.

    One of the lesser known side effects of this medication is that it can lower your mood to a very low dangerous place.

    It's best not to compare what doses other people take. It will be a case of trial and error to see what suits you best.

    I really hope it works well for you.

    Wishing you all the very best

    Lu xx

  • I agree it is not going to be good for my mood. That's why I'm starting back on cipralex as well. But the pain is horrible for my mood as well. I'm taking every step I can to get better. I'm tired of feeling this way. Since I'm off for a few months it's the best time to try different therapy

  • I'm sorry if i came across the wrong way.

    I just wanted to let you know about the low mood side effect as it happened to me. My GP didnt warn me about the side effect even though he knows I suffer from Clinical Depression !

    It helped with my pain and my anxiety but my mood fell through the floor.

    I ended up working out for myself that it was the Pregabalin.

    I just wanted to warn you that's all. Not put you off.

    I had no choice in the end but to stop taking it.

    That's the thing with Fibro. We all need to find what works for us all individually.

    Lu xx

  • I understand, and it's great to be warning people. I know how difficult it must have been to not be told then find yourself deeper in depression. I'm going to keep a very close eye on this. Thank you🌹

  • It is quite rare so fingers crossed you'll be ok.

    It is a very good pain killer. I take the sister drug Gabapentin.

    Take care of yourself xx

  • I was told by a good friend in the medical profession That Pregabalin is the cheaper version of Lyrica but the same thing 😎

  • Good luck with your medication and thank goodness you are now getting sorted out with your health.

    I wish you well


  • Many thanks

  • Hi there

    I dont have lupus, i have sjogrens with muscle and joint pain. I was started, very gradually , on lyrica last year and it has made quite a difference to my muscle pain as I could not bare to be touched at times. I now take 200mg a day 100 in morning and same at night. I didn't suffer any side effects other than weight gain which i will live with if it helps the pain. I hope you have the same success 🌸

  • I know Lyrica does not suit every one but it does me I take 150 mg three times a day also codrydamol and Loranzipam to sleep Lyrica is I think better than Tramodol or mophemem based medications I got to say this as we all do IM NOT A DOCTOR Good luck x

  • It's the only thing that helps medically, I've gained a little weight, they r good for rls too,I mix them n hot showers n together I can just bout function,but as u know,there's no wonder drug/treatment for our condition, we all find ways after trial and error, and it's good to talk,a tonic in itself. Sending health and well-being to you. God bless, JayX

  • Hiya. i found Lyrica helped my nerve pain in my arm (from injury) but didnt help fibro beyond a week or so, unfortch. It also caused my to be hungry and crave carbs about half an hour after taking it, and i put on alot of weight. i hope it works ok for you, but if it doesnt help or you start putting on weight, you could ask about Duloxetine. i am on this now- minimal sideefects and has helped my nerve pain aswell. i think it helps the fibro a bit too.

    Lyrica might be great for you though, so its worth trying.


  • Everyone is different, but I found gabapentin to be far more helpful than Lyrica. I'm currently on 1,800 mg and may go to 2,100 mg soon. Do try it though. Good luck!

  • Be very careful of your mental status with large doses of Gabapentin. I spent two weeks in two different hospitals because I was halucnating and delusional, they first thought I had a stroke they ran all kinds of tests, finally decided it was an overdose of gabapentin.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi looking4me , I'm glad you at least hot to see a gp.I was tried on Lyrica (and it does cost a fortune) but it did not help me.I truly hope uou get some relief with it. Take care. Peck.🐤

  • Hi my friend

    That sounds like a very productive visit! I have been taking Lyrica for a few years without any real problems. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your tests and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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