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Don't want to be negative

Hi everyone

After I had a fall on Sunday while mopping the floor I have had the worst pain ever since I've had this wretched condition. I don't need to describe it to anyone here. All of us know the heaviness, tightness,the sporadic sharp nerve pain and how even your fingers and eye sockets hurt. I've had such a good run of things lately but this fall has just floored me (excuse the pun). My daughter has been to her childminder even though I have had to have time off work, so I can rest. I get lovely updates by text about the lovely things she is doing - today they were all on a sensory trail in a beautiful park a few miles away. My husband mentioned over the weekend that our daughter needs to be taken out more when she is with us. The comment was aimed at me. I do take her out and do as much as my body will allow me. Carrying my daughter to her car seat or pushchair is agony and our local town centre shops are on a big hill - agony again! I just feel a bit useless and scared that I won't be able to do all the fun stuff with our daughter :( can someone please cheer me up! I am feeling sorry for myself and don't want to!

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I'm so sorry. I can't remember how old your daughter is?

I have had 2 children, whilst working full time with Fibro plus all my other conditions and the only way I could make things work, and still do, is just to push through the pain and collapse into bed around 8pm.

It kills me everyday.

In my own personal opinion I do not think that you necessarily need to take your daughter out anywhere. I think the important thing is just to spend time with her.

If you are in bed or on the sofa, she can colour with you, do some puzzles. My children (15 & 18) were talking recently about when I used to put a map on the floor and get them to find places.

I appreciate your daughter is probably too young for that one, but I am sure you could come up with lots of games you can play together.

My children adored indoor picnics, with a blanket, sunglasses the lot. It is one of their favourite memories. One of the greatest gifts you can give your daughter is your time. It doesn't matter where you spend it.

I hope that helps a little bit?

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Lu xx


I once read being a mother with fibro makes you a superhero! Yes running around a park will be hard and I envy the parents that can throw there children on there shoulders and run around.... But you are going to be awesome at cuddles,talking,homework,snuggling up to watch a Disney film :-) and that is bonding and special.. Let the dad run around playing games my husband does and the joy it brings me watching them is beyond words!

You do what you can and don't be hard on yourself x

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I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are feeling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. You can only do what you can physically manage to do and that makes you a wonderful mum who truly loves her daughter. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



As everyone else has said, there are lots of fun things that don't mean you have to run around. You can make up a discovery trail at home, by hiding some of your daughter's toys around the house, giving her clues to where they may be found. A small prize when she finds them all. Books are great fun if an adult spends time going through them with her. Even if she's not reading yet you can talk about the pictures. Children soak up knowledge like a sponge, and you can help her learn about things through play. My grandchildren have been learning about geography as their Mum has created a tablecover which is wipeable plastic and printed with a map of the world. Don't worry about what you can't do with her, but find all the things you can. She will love having your attention. MariLiz


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