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Lindsey Middlemiss (Founder FibroAction) wishes the newly formed Fibromyalgia Action UK well for times ahead!

Lindsey Middlemiss (Founder FibroAction) wishes the newly formed Fibromyalgia Action UK well for times ahead!

Hello Members,

This month was the beginning of a new chapter as FibroAction & Fibromyalgia Association UK joined forces in order to fight Fibro as Fibromyalgia Action UK.

The former FibroAction founder Lindsey Middlemiss talks about the past and the future in this article on the Fibromyalgia Action UK website;

Could I personally take this opportunity to say 'Thank You' to Lindsey for all the incredible hard work she put in to set up FibroAction & bringing evidence based information about Fibro to the fore. I also appreciate the opportunity to be Volunteer FibroAction Administrator from 2012 to 2015 and appreciate the assistance & guidance from both Lindsey & Ella (FibroAction former CEO).

Here's to the future!

Emma :)

Executive Assistant & Community Coordinator

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Thanks for the link Emma (I'll stop referring to you as mdaisy ! ). Interesting to read her story and also that she regards her Fibro as "in remission".........A position she appears to have been in now for many there IS hope for the rest of us! Of course now I'm keen to know more about 'how' she achieved this wonderful position in more detail....has she posted this elsewhere?

I have not given up hope of recovery, whether partial or fully, for myself but realise that the considerable mistakes I have made over the years in handling the condition, have not least now I am taking real steps to correct that.

Is this your new role in the merged charity ie Executive assistant & Community Coordinator? What does it involve? All best.


Hello Stumpedok,

I believe she has posted previously about certain aspects in regards to her achieving remission as well as a post on Flares. She has a profile here and her posts are still available to read although she doesn't use the account so please do not expect a reply. Profile : LindseyMid

If I find any that I know about that may be interesting I will PM the links to you. Otherwise, it's a case of trawling through her posts & comments! :)

Sorry !

My role is now Executive Assistant (all voluntary) meaning I help Ella as she starts any awareness campaigns/lobbying etc. Community Co-ordinator I think is essentially what I did here anyway as Chief Administrator but a different title, so continuing to look after HealthUnlocked which I have done from 2013.

Also, as you may be aware have other Administrators, Des (Vice Chair), Hazel (Administrator) & Maureen (Community Admin) alongside Zeb73, Ginsing, Hamble99b & TheAuthor - so more knowledge & experience within the team here now as well as a combined charity :)

A new chapter with passionate employees & volunteers who are ALL working towards a positive change for Fibro - can only be a good thing! :)

As Lindsey said above she is around in the background with her husband remaining on the board for Fibromyalgia Action UK, so we do have a good grounding to challenge the establishment for action!

Thank You for asking & I hope you find Lindsey's posts of interest

Best Wishes

Emma :)

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Thanks Emma...will do some 'trawling'!!

Best wishes to the new combined charity and here's hoping the future holds positive things for Fibros.

All best.


Thank you Emma it was a very interesting read. and I would like to echo your sentiments x x


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