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Too much

Am finding everything difficult at moment. After talking to doctor this morning àbout 8 days of migraines and chest pain, she sent ambulance to take me to hospital. Result, nothing wrong with heart, nothing can be done bout migraines. Chest pain either neurological problem, recently in stroke dpt of another hospital found lesions on brain, or fibro related. Told with such a complex medical history is ver hard to tell what causes what. Home, exhausted, bruised, weak an still have chest pain. Feel like my body is under constant assault an i dont have any strength left. Goodnight

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Oh Shazzy so sorry to read your post it sounds as though you have been through the mill. I can imagine that with the continuous migraines and chest pain you are uttlerly demoralised and exhausted. Wish I could do something for you soft virtual hugs coming your way. Hope that you can get a bit of rest tonight and that tomorrow is better for you. Let us know how you are


Oh god my heart is hurting for you ..., it isn't easy ... You certainly don't sound in a good way .. I can empathise with you as feeling totally crap just now too but not as bad as you ... Big hugs xx


I am so genuinely sorry to read of the bad place that you are in at this time, and I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Awww Shazzy, Im sorry that you are suffering so much.

Sending lots of gentle hugs.

Sue, xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Shazzy, I am sorry to hear that, I used to have worse expereince than you are, I was found on the floor - fainted and was kept at the hospital was over 3 weeks, came home unable to walk be a housebound, I thought to myself enough is enough...message me if you like to share how I get my self better...


Hi Shazzy, i can't believe sometimes the awful symptoms we get with this thing! It's a good job we have each other, and know these symptoms are part of this fibro. I too get this chest pain, it's terrible, but you sound so low with it all. I wish there was some answers, but it's great that you can unload on here. Hope you feeling a bit better today? X


Thank you for to everyone for your kind words, they were very much appreciated, it is hard to stay positive when feeling utterly exhausted. Have been given steroids and antibiotics and gp has requested urgent neurological appointment, so hope to find out whats happening sometime soon.


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