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Time away

I recently was transported to a space not my own home for a few days.

OK the car being hot the traffic jammed and the pain were not great.

However the fresh air the views and new people to talk to made it all worthwhile.

I met a lady from Netherlands with Fibro how random was that?

Just the happy endorphins with memory of time out seem to work.

Anyone else been away maybe even in UK and got same result this year?

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I haven't been away yet hoping for a few days away soon, sounds like your break did you good x


Hi Skit, yes I had a weekend away in the Lake District last week and it was fantastic. We were also near the coast so the fresh country air and seaside air was great. I also got a suntan (without burning), I look so healthy now I almost feel normal, lol.

It does you good to get a change of scenery and distract you from the pain for a little while. Hope you have many more therapeutic trips xxx

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Lakes are my happy hunting ground so to speak.near sea would that be Whitehaven/St Bees area?


That is wonderful to read, and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I love the Dutch people they are so friendly, what a coincidence. So glad you enjoyed your break, I think it is 4 years now since we have had a holiday but hoping when our move is sorted out and we are both feeling a bit better we can have a week away. I know the journey is sometimes very tiring but it is so lovely to be in a different environment I think it recharges the batteries and then you have the lovely memories.x

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