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I have been struggling for twenty years now with fibromyalgia at first I was awarded full Mobilty allowance for life then it changed to indefinitely it now has been taken off me and get no help whatsoever. I have had to get a part time job which is making my body pains worse than ever I have pain injections every three months. Nothing seems to work anymore would like to know if anyone knows of where I can get any help to ease my problems.

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So sorry to hear this, How can they say one minute you can have full mobility allowance then take it all off you? Have you had a miraculous recovery, it's unbelievable. If you are sick and can't work surely you are entitled to some sort of benefits or how are you going to live, have you got in touch with CAB perhaps they can help you, good luck.


Sounds so unfair and unreasonable have you appealed against it?

As for the pain I don't know what Meds you are on but sometimes we build up a tolerance for them. Your Dr might be able to offer an alternative that your body is not used to. Good luck.


Hi there 9661, so sorry to hear the distress your in I gather your a long term sufferer.

Please correct me if im wrong but have you kept the doctors aware of your situation and how it affects you in your daily life. This is very important and im guessing you just pick up your meds and that's all. Which is fine but when they contact your doctor what can they say except we prescribe certain meds etc. Well im given to understand that two thirds of a claim is supported by your medical records and doctor. Another excellent advocate is the CAB they give you a voice and back up your claim. So sorry this is all I know but really hope it help you, my heart goes out to you and may you find a solution to your situation soon. xx


Thanks for all your reply,s i have been to CAB they couldn't do anything its the new law the government have brought in to get people of the sick and DLA. Your right i do just pick my meds up at the chemist. But i also have tried to get to see my doctor every time have a day off and cant get in to see her,i will try harder because i don't think i can cope much longer. I am at the hospital next week also and i am going to have a long talk with them about my med s and go from there


So sorry to read your post you should not be having to work with all the pain you are in. When i used to fill in AA forms for people it was very difficult if they had just accepted their condition and not badgered the doctors as therefore there was no official record of their suffering.

Is the hospital visit for a Pain Clinic as if it is in our area the Pain Clinic writes to the GP to say what happens (eg any treatment given) and sometimes they add about any discussion on medication. A copy of this letter especially if it refers to increased pain levels can help as evidence to any new claim you make.

Try keeping a daily diary of all activities, work etc and how it affects your pain and fatigue levels so you have something tangible to show your doctor and ask for their support with a new claim.

Good luck with everything.x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I would contact anyone who could help you such as doctors and consultants, and the CAB. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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