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Television company looking for participants - Title Medical Mysteries' - Interested?

Television company looking for participants - Title Medical Mysteries' - Interested?

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Hello fellow members!

Are you interested in being on TV? If so read on ......................

Do you have a mystery illness or medical condition that’s proving impossible to diagnose?

Have you tried a long series of medical treatments and finally been cured?

Tigress Productions would like to speak to people with medical mystery experiences for a new TV documentary series.

Please call 0117 933 5654/ 0117 933 5609 or email for more information.

Here is their website :

Please Note this may be shared on Twitter and/or Facebook

This is for information only

Best Wishes


FibroAction Administrator

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Hello Dan 9878,

This is not Spam I assure you, this was sent to us at and it a legitimate television company. I have spoken to Ella (CEO of FibroAction) and she was happy for us to post here in case anyone would have any interest in taking part.

Please can I ask in future that if you have any doubts about a post an Administrator posts that you private message them to discuss your concerns before commenting.

Many Thanks

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hello Dan9878,

As I say I have spoken to the CEO of FibroAction and as this company is a legitimate company then we , FibroAction as a UK Charity (soon to be merging with Fibromyalgia Association UK) felt people should be aware so they have the option to take part.

As I volunteer as FibroAction Administrator & an Administrator for the community I am well aware of the point of this community for people living with Fibro after volunteering for nearly 3 years now.

If you have a problem with this post please can you use the Report of Abuse button. I will not respond to any more comments about this and I will only discuss things with you through the appropriate channels from this point forward.

All the best

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Thank you for the information Emma. X


I have no probs with your post mdaisy. I have something in my bloods and have always been dubious about my fibro diagnosis because of it it might just be of help to me x


I've emailed for more info....I'm hoping I'll get on telly and be notice for my modelling potential lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Hi Emma,

Thank you for the information, it is of interest to me and will be watching should the programme be aired. I probably would not chose to go on myself but appreciate that others may get answers that they are looking for.

I appreciate the time and effort that you and the other Administrators put in to help and support our community and give thanks to you all.

Kindest regards,

Gin xx


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