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seen rheumatoid specialist to-day

seen specialist to-day, although got fibro I seem to be making lots of calcification in my joints and neck which is causing me lots of pain. she can't explain why this is happening. I see orthopaedic doctor for right hip on the 26th, the rheumy gave me a letter for him advising bursectomy and removal calcification, she referred me to have calcification broken down with a needle under scanner for my left shoulder,(already had 3 operations on this shoulder), physio for my neck, and some new tablets for my neck and pain. bloods done because my inflamm markers esr and crp are still raised. good news I can come off my prednisolone which I took for polymyalgia rheumatica. all in all a very positive visit.

Does anyone else make a lot of calcium in their joints? xx

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Sorry can't help you with the calcification issue but just to say I am really pleased that you had such a thorough consultation with the rheumi and I hope everything works out well for you.x


thank you, yes it was my second visit, the lady rheumy I saw is very good and her manner is excellent. onwards and upwards x


I do not know anything about calcification, but as rosewine says it would appear that you have received some excellent consultative work and I am genuinely delighted for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



thanks ken x


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