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hi only been diagnoise a week ish but i knew i prob had it fo a while , my biggest thing is the tiredness i can do my little dinner lady job and can drive and do a hours shopping before i need to stop but its the falling asleep say while im texting early morning or late evening on facebook as well il be fine then eyes just close and then ill jolt awake sometimes takes me 5 mins to make a short text make sense is this normal please im on codeine 60 mg 4 times a day but been on theses 3 years now for chronic back after car crash so im used to them on a steraline anti depresant 100mg once day for my moods mini pill and thats it , cant take anti inflamatries allergic and tramadol made me so manic depressed

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Hi Charlie4ever

I feel more exhausted mentally and physically most days always tired and yeah do fall asleep for a few minutes some times, mainly when ready. This is usually come evening tho.

All the best keeleybee


Hello Charlie4,

I hope you're ok.

All I can say (as I'm not officially diagnosed) is that supermarket shopping completely wrecks me now. Can I ask and this may sound silly.. But do you shop in tesco? I have worked out that the lighting or something in a lot of tesco stores seems to drain the life out of me, gives me terrible headaches and generally spaces me out or stresses me out for a good few hours after ive been. Sounds weird and it took quite a while for me to recognise a pattern.

I'd be interested to know?

Sorry for my random input 😁

I'm on the same dose of sertraline and the pill for hormones and anxiety related to my cycle.. Not on painkillers so can't compare on that.

Best wishes

Sibbs x


hello lol i shop in asda mostly but tesco for bits havent noticed the lights as i shop quick to get hhome


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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