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A big thank you

Hello every one thank you to everyone who posted to me.you all helped me.sorry I didn't come back sooner but my fibro has been really bad and I have just slept and slept thanks to my cocktail of meds. Tuesday is approaching the day I have my steroid injection.

Also I was wondering if any one knew what I should expect from a DWP consultation.they are coming on Friday such short notice I only applied a week ago. I'm really scared as its in my home and my husband is working.i have two little dogs should I put them out.

Im a nervous person and with the fibro fog I think I come across as an idiot, what if it's a good day for me and I look like a lier ?

Any way have a good weekend everyone 😘

Sweetpee x

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I am so sorry to read that your Fibro has been in a flare, and i genuinely hope that you injection goes well for you. I would just be yourself during the DWP assessment.

Tell them all the things that you cannot do and do not dwell on what you can do. I would definitely put the dogs out as I wouldn't want to be in a position whereby you have to do something for the dogs in front of them?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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