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Who Benefits say Play Fair !

Who Benefits say Play Fair !

Who benefits are asking that all politicians to speak fairly about those supported by benefits this election.

Support our call to all politicians

Please speak responsibly about people on benefits during the election

Who Benefits? was created to change the debate about benefits - away from negative stereotypes and towards the real voices of people who have needed support from benefits.

We've already written to all parties ahead of the election campaign to demand that they speak fairly about people supported by benefits.

Now we need you to back our call.

There's not long until the election so please add your voice urgently to the below statement

We all need support sometimes. Yet too often those who have been helped by benefits get ignored, misrepresented or at worst blamed for their situation.

Of course it is right that benefits policy is an election issue. But whatever your policies, please avoid misrepresenting people supported by benefits.

The vast majority have a legitimate need for support: making up a shortfall between low wages and living costs, difficulties accessing housing, coping with disability or problems finding work. Many depictions of people supported by benefits are wrong and can do real harm. Hundreds of thousands of people have faced physical and verbal abuse simply for receiving benefits.

Please help break down the misconceptions by telling the positive, human stories about benefits that are incredibly common, yet seldom told.

Add your voice to our call and help Who Benefits change the debate!

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Plus please do not forget our guidelines about Politic discussion when responding to this - We understand the distress & exasperating nature of the benefits system and how strongly you may feel but we do not discuss politics here.This useful campaign about benefits is allowed as we except disability related topics.Thank You

Many Thanks

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Done and dusted! x x


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