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PIP Appeal Tribunal advice please

I have provided extra evidence to the DWP from a recent at home Occupational Therapist Assessment to inform them of my abilities. I asked them to do a manatory reconsideration. They supposidely looked at the extra evidence and must have disregaurded a 12 page detailed assessment in its entirity. I am appealing as the RN assessing me knew nothing of the systematic effects of CRPS and now must go to a Tribunal. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge what this is like and what to expect? I will have to travel by taxi so hope its mobility friendly. Ive opted to be given less than 14 days notice of appeal wonder will that make it sooner?

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Hi there, your additional info may not have been considered because the DWP would be looking at how your illness affected you at the time of your application. The process for mine took more than a year and I am considerably worse now than I was then but that was disregarded.

I had my tribunal last month and I was represented by someone from my local welfare rights group. The panel is a lawyer/judge, a doctor and someone who specialises in disability problems who is likely to be an occupational therapist. Although the tribunal takes place in an office type room it is actually a court hearing and very formal. I would suggest you take someone with you on the day, I didn't and I am sure it went against me.

The panel will ask you in detail about how you are affected, there will be questions aimed at tripping you up, you do need to remember what you put in your initial form. The best thing is just to be completely honest.

You will get a decision on the day, you go back to the waiting area and then you are recalled and told what the decision is and why. I am still waiting on a formal letter to tell me what my award is and when payment will be made so that bit does take some time, as does most things with the DWP.

Good luck, Linda.

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I have never been to anything of this nature but I want to wish you all the best of luck.

Good luck



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