Heart Race

Does anyone else w/ fibro have a racing heartbeat when they try to do something like put on their shoes or even just pull the curtains? Is it normal for everyone?

Also, a more important question... does ANYONE have remedies for the tingling/numbness ALL OVER the body & the vertigo/dizziness that goes along w/ it? I cannot stand when I get tingly all over it makes me wanna go mental & it's happening more & more! Right now I'm on a paleo diet as often as possible & all natural med.

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  • Only through personal experience do check adverse effects of any natural remedies you are taking, I would also suggest you see your GP about your rapid heart beat, A&E if you have associated pain. We do get some very strange symptoms but do get checked out. Lou x

  • Lou makes excellent points.

    Definitely get those symptoms thoroughly checked out.

  • hello Ruth,

    sorry you are having more and more symptoms. I have similar ones on occasion and I am also exclusively using herbal and homeopathic remedies. I find high doses of Hawthorne help me best with episodes of palpitations plus Training or modified Mindfulness Meditation. And I have a symptom that feels similar to your tingling. I bought a shiatsu chair/cushion a couple of years ago and it works brilliantly for that. I try and go swimming at least 1x per week, ideally 2-3 times and swim lengths for 30-75 mins. I like slow walks as well, but only level, as I get VERY short of breath when climbing. I hope you find relief soon. If you would like links to any of the tools mentioned, message me. I'd be happy to help.


  • Yes, links to the chair/cushion please & then I definitely need to look into swimming b/c I know they say walk 30 min no more really cuz it'll be too much, but I live in MO, so an inside pool w/ laps would be better.

  • ruth, the link is a bit long for here: I bought mine at some 30£ on ebay 3 or 4 yrs years ago, if you type in shiatsu massage chair they will come up, and as long as you go for a seller with good record, I don't think the high-priced ones are necessary - but that is a matter of taste. You will see what I mean by cushion - mine is just like a cushion with back, but of course you can have a proper chair but they are pricey. Hope it works for you!

  • Hi jruthpark, my gp referred me to cardiac cons at the hospital as I was, and still am, having a racing heartbeat. He was very understanding about fibro and said it was the heart's reaction to pain, so with the amount of pain you get with fibro, your heart is constantly reacting to it. But, best get your heart checked out - I wouldn't want you to have an undiagnosed heart complaint without seeing your gp! Also, best mention the tingling/dizziness with your gp too. I've been getting feelings of vertigo and giddiness, but my Dad suffers from vertigo so I've been thinking it's just another thing I've inherited from him, like brown eyes and fine hair, but should speak to my gp about it I suppose, just to confirm that that's all it is. Good luck, Julie xx

  • Hi my heart beats very fast at time. I do deep breathing exercises to slow it down. As for the tingling I haven't got a clue on how to stop that. It drives me mad. Fortunatley I don't suffer from dizziness anymore that has calmed down.

  • It is not something that I have suffered with but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you are looking for.

    Good luck


  • My heart beat is that like 247 and the tingling all over body! My hands are cramped too my gp n nhs mental health team say its normal nothing wring with you go away?

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