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Heart ,pain ag

Hi fibromyalgia friends Well been doctors today as been having rearly bad heart racing over the past two weeks while away with my daughter and granchildren dose anyone else get it .And in agony with my whole body but cannot have the injections untill 30 of this month and because I had bad side effects from pain killers said this is my last resort and can only have two a year He said they are for fibromyalgia anyone had them as I haven't heard anything about them.Thanks all x

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Hi fibro10 sorry your in so much pain my friend. There is an awful lot about lidocaine injections. Some people swear by them & others say, they don't always work. I have had steroid injections in my thigh before & that worked wonders.

There isn't an awful lot of people around at night, so if I were you, if you look directly above your post, you will see 'Home', 'Posts' & 'More', tap the More button & a little drop down menu will come up & tap the search option, then write Lidocaine injections in search bar & you will see lots of posts about the same subject. It may be useful for you to have a little look through my friend.

I do know that there are so many you can have but not quite sure, every 6 mths does sound about right though.

Hope this helps and hope you soon get some relief. Have you been to the pain clinic ? Or is that who's referred you for injections?

Luv Jan x


Hi fibro10

I am sorry to hear you are struggling with pain and heart palpitations.

It is good to hear that you have been to see your GP to have it checked out.

As our lovely Jan Janet28 has said, there are all sorts of injections that are available.

Are they injecting a specific part of your body do you know?

I have had steroid injections in my shoulder and x ray guided injections in my spine for pain.

Wishing you a peaceful day

Lu xx


Hi I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life as it works out. I too suffer with palpitations and in the process of having test done, I have to have a heart monitor on for six days from next week. Today I have been to the hospital for results from other test to do with my breathing and it turns out I have sleep apnea. This all came about after my annual mot at the doctors. I told her everything that I had wrote down that gave me concern, because you don't always remember when you go to see the doctor. Sorry I'm going on what I'm trying to say keep a diary and put down all your symptoms and tell your Dr, I have found out it's best to keep a record. And I shall now take it to my doctor's each time I have to go. You take care and go and have a chat with your Dr.


Thank you so much for that ideas as when I did come out I remembered a few things I should have told him.but he is still sending me for a few more test at the hospital So I will start keeping a record .BHope you get a good night's sleep Big hugs x


Hi you take care. And big hugs to you toox


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