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hi boys and girls , I was reading about a natural product used for treating fibromyalgia called D-RIBOSE, Has anyone on here heard of it or tried it? apparently your own body makes this type of sugar itself, but in tests they found that why people with fibro (or cfs) are so exhausted and tired is because your body doesn't make enough of it so your muscles don't get to relax etc...

I was thinking of giving it a try ,you can buy it on amazon u.k or other places ,so I was toying with the idea of giving it a whirl , although if I do I won't be trying it for a couple of months as I have to go back into hospital for more surgery, so I would have to get that out the way first

just wondered if anyone had tried/heard of it??

( I am not endorsing this product!! , and also I am not suggesting we all rush out and buy it either , just lookin for feedback if anyone has tried it ,or are currently using it )

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Hello Electricjaws,

I have found this research about D-Ribose & the conclusion appears to point towards D-Ribose may have some benefits for Fibromyalgia symptoms. Obviously with research collective studies are usually the best way to find out whether things are effective or not. However, it may be worth trying - I would say making sure you get it from a reputable source which I am sure you will, would be best. Please let us know how it goes :)

Here's the link;

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I have found D-Ribose quite helpful. Look around for high quality D-Ribose at a relatively low price.

I find the full effects are not known/felt for approximately a month after taking on a regular basis.

Best wishes!


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I have never tried it myself (but have heard of it) but I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck if you decide to give ti a go.

Good luck



I tried it for a few months a few years ago - and no effect at all !! Obviously worth trying though, as we are all different. Ali x


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