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Fibro and possible Lupus

Hi everyone, I am new here but have fibro with all the little extras that go along with it, ibs, chronic fatigue, fibro fog which just kicked in and I can't think of the others at the moment. I am hearing two different things and don't know what to think. My doctor who has been my doctor for almost 30 years says I have fibro and we have tried just about every med there is for it and I am currently taking pain meds which I am thankful for, and then I have my meds for depression and anxiety. I have a therapist who is saying he isn't doing all he can for me, and she thinks I don't have fibro. She actually runs my doctor in the ground and says that I should be getting a second opinion. I am going to see a rheumatologist in a couple of weeks because I had a positive ANA but my double strand is negative, but at the same time my red blood cells are low, and test high for inflammation and have a high level of folic acid. This is why I am seeing a rheumatologist, he thinks possible lupus. What's some opinions out there? I am at the end of my roped and don't know what to think or do anymore.

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Firstly a big welcome to the site- it is a great place full of fibro sufferers but we do discuss all sorts of thinks depending on what people are worried about. :0 We try and keep the site cheerful and enjoy pitting our wits with varying things to encourage diverting our pain levels.

I think your visit to the rheumy is great this where you will get a propper diagnoses. We the guys on this site are just friendly fibro suffers we are not medics and we stress that we do not replace your Doctor in any way you must alway go to your doctor about medicines or any new pains etc.

Do take a look at our home site sorry Mother site lots of excellent information.



I too tested positive ANA but double strand was negative - in the end the Rheumy wants these repeating every 6 months to keep an eye on things, so in the meantime I'm being told its Fibro.....x


Hi Tereslove

Welcoem tot he forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have to agree with the others, as the Rheumatologist is probably the best route to go down also. My first thoughts are that I would also have to question the professionalism of your therapist? Surely if they have an issue with your treatment the professional thing to do would be to ring / write to your doctor and not slag them off to a patient?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.




I am in a similar position and going to see a Rheumy. I sent the Rheumy rash pics, symptoms & history for him to tell me if I should see him and he said yes.

At least will illiminate or other.

Good you are seeing a Rheumy. Let us know how it goes x


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