At last!,

Since Noah built his ark I have been looking for someone who knows about trigger point therapy massage and lo and behold I found a therapist who practices this amongst other things at our local sports club approx 10 mins away ( if i' m on my mobility scooter, hooray!!! She sounded really nice on the phone and she has either read the same book as me ( which is approx 500 pages long!!) on trigger point therapy or she knows what she's talking about ( I believe it is " she knows what she's talking about) so off to see her this afternoon !!

Bad news is I will have to pay, but if it helps me a bit then I don't mind,

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  • Wonderful news. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Oh EJ I'm so pleased for you, do let us know how you get on please, I'd be really interested to hear :-) ....... Good Luck :-) :-)

  • That's great, is your book the :Trigger Point therapy manual? I've been trying to use this for self massage

  • That is great news. I sincerely hope that you find it really works for you.

    Good luck


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