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Don't understand

I hope everyone has a better 2015 than 2014 as we would all have took a step forward for the better.

I would like someone to explain if fybro is not a progressive illness why after a long flair up (this one has lasted 5 months) do i never go back to the way I was before the flairup as it always leaves me another step down the ladder wlth a higher degree of pain and chronic fatigue

By the way it feels I've come down the fireman's pole and not his ladder

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Hi mamanaffy

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I also want to wish you a very happy pain free new year.

You have asked an incredible question that I do not have an answer to? My GP and Medical Specialists tell me that Fibro is not progressive and that you have the pain where you have the pain. They also tell me that the pain can appear in different places from time to time, surely that is progression? However, I am also told it is not like MS, (my wife has Primary Progressive MS) whereby she has gone from walking to being in a wheelchair, therefore that is progressive?

I can only surmise that progressive means you physical abilities deteriorate over time with a certain illness such as MS yet with Fibro they do not? However, that is not my experience of Fibro? And I can imagine that it is not yours either?

I genuinely wish that I had the answer for you?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you for replying i agree with you as my ability to the simplest things have been reduced i cannot hold my arms up to wash hair now open tins or walk around supermarket I could do these sorts of tasks with a struggle 6 momths ago now they are out of the question.

As one doctor said when people get to your age things do deterate cheeky so and so I'm only 59


Happy New Year :-)

I think the straight answer is that not enough is known about cause and effect of Fibro that doctors can tell you more than you already know from experience of the condition.

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I agree with Ian, it is just an unknown quantity as the progression of the disease has not been studied,as far as i am aware. The actual causes are only now being studied with any degree of effort so I should think there's a long way to go yet. The best that we can do is contribute to any tests, questionnaires etc, that we come across so more is known for the next generation. Best wishes for the new year,


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