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Diagnosed today

Hi advice needed please. Saw rheumatologist today who diagnosed fibro along with osteoarthritis in both knees and one hip. She has told me to go back to my gp, so I go on Monday for prescription of amitriptyline to start with then I have to consider going on gabapentin or pregabalin. What are people's experience of theses tablets please? I think long term she also mentioned physiotherapy. Keen to try and get as much information as I can as I am really struggling at the moment. Struggling with the diagnosis as well. Thank you

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hi alexander120, i also have osteo arthritis in both knees, hip & lower back along with fibro. im on nortryptyline..similar to amytriptilin, tramadol, paracetamol,naproxene for stiffness & i was on pregabalin for over a year, i have since come off pregabalin & take duloxotine instead which doesn't make me so brain fogged. i have been refered back to pain clinic who diagnosed me with fibro & am waiting for hydrotherapy which is supposed to be good although nothing will keep the pain away forever unfortunately. physio didn't help me at all, you will get them telling you to do gentle exercises along with some totally ridiculous ones that even a fit person would have trouble with. they will try to tell you to push through the pain. sorry for the negative reply but the answer is to find medication that works for you as everyone's different & to pace yourself, try not to do too much in one go,easier said i know but that's how it is & i hope you find something that helps you & gives you relief from pain. best wishes x


Hi alexander120

I am so sorry to read that you have Fibro, and I have pasted you a link below to the FibroAction pages on treatments, as these may interest you:


I personally could not get on with Amitriptyline, as the sedative was too much for me. So I use Nortriptyline as this contains no sedative.

I want to wish you all the best of luck

Ken x


Good luck with you drugs. I have had two knee replacements and ended up with this beast. I couldn't tolerate amitrip so they don't give me anything now. I take cocodomol & naproxin during a flare but I've had to learn to pace. Managing 5 hours sleep a night. I suppose that's good. X



I take amitriptyline, low dose. It doesn't make me sleepy, though I am careful to take it early evening after eaten.

From a pain point of view, I still get pain, though tbh my poor mobility I find more difficult. My pain luckily isn't constant but don't get me wrong still hurts. Also I am a bit anti upping dosage (that's just me!).

Most peeps reporting sleepiness have been on a higher dose. Ideally anyone given this drug would likely be wise to start on a low dose and see how it goes. To go straight on a mid to higher dose I would imagine possibly get more effects as the body isn't in anyway acclimatised.

I'd say, try it and see if helps and if tolerated.

Wishing you well.



I was diagnosed on Monday last week with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dystonia. Have had Osteoarthritis for 8 years but always in more pain than the join damage warranted. Now I am getting as much info as possible on condition. Two websites to check out. UK Fibromyalgia and FMA UK. Tells you loads of stuff. Also look for a local support group near you. They are listed on the websites. It's been a heck of a shock to me, too, but do what you can to learn about it. I wish you the best of luck, and don't let it all get you down. There are lots of people out there who can help. xx

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Hi I have been on amitriptyline for two years 30mg after starting with 10mg and it has helped me get at least a few hours sleep . Recently the rheumatologist put them up 10mg so I was on 40mg but every morning I'm like a zombie. I think you get to know what level suits you depending on individual circumstances. I take Gabapentin three times a day and this really has helped with irritable legs at night and the pain underneath my feet, again it's what suits you but I can say that apart from the zombie bit both have benefitted me without side effects. Wishing you the best Loraine


Hi, I'm on 100mg of Amitrityline and I manage it with no problems as such. My mouth gets dry but it's worth it if it helps with the pain and low mood. I'm also coming down off my morphine, currently down to 60mg instead of 100mg and the gp has also started me on pregablin, currently 150mg. Good luck with the tablets, I hope they work out for you. Everyone is different though, so it's a bit of trial and error to get the best combination. Blessed be x


Thanks for your replies. It's such a lot to take in and read up on. I went to go this morning and I have been told to take 20mg of amitriptyline before bed. Also been given 500mg of naproxen to take twice a day along with omeprezol. Hopefully it will be helpful got follow up for January.


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