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I have had many blood tests over the last 4 years and they all show a low haemaglobin. The range at my local hospital is 120-400 and my rate is never higher than 125 and often less than 115. I drew my doctor's attention to it and she said not to take iron supplements because it could effect other blood results, namely liver function tests. (I have auto-immune hepatitis as well as other A-I conditions)

I am always tired and pale but she puts that down to fibro.

I have a good diet, green veg, liver, red meat, even liquorice, (yum), but it doesn't seem to raise my iron levels.

Does any one have any good ideas of how to get more energy and feel better.?

Thank you


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If you find the answer you will make a fortune.

Lack of energy drains life of color.

Pacing helps. Not beating yourself up when lots of pit stops are required.

The only thing that helps give me a bit of a boost is very very strong coffee followed by dark chocolate.

This has to come with a health warning though.

I am sure the amount of Caffeine sends my heart rate sky high for a bit.

Also making sure I get outside for a bit even if I am dragging myself along. The light lifts the spirits.

Some swear by day light lamps.

Sending you a sprinkling of space dust to put a spring in the spirit and a skip in the step.

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Thank you nedd, and you have just reminded me to get the light box out for my SAD.

I like coffee but it's no good after mid afternoon because it keeps me awake. The chocolate is definitely good therapy, pity it has so many calories!!

When I look particularly ghostly my husband says I am "pale, but interesting!!"

I seem to have accepted I'll never have a lot of energy, particularly with the fibro, just wish I could do more to raise my iron levels as that must have an impact too.

How great would it feel to get straight out of bed as soon as I awoke, shower and dress in ten minutes and be out of the door without thinking about pain, stiffness, medication and fibro fog!

Does any one know of any natural remedies to increase my iron, (and which are not fattening!)

Should I get another doctor's opinion?


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Some people say and me too that dark chocolate and the darker you could go and enjoy it less fattening the better!!! You could try Green&Black, Lindit (spelt it wrong) it comes on tele, the advert around now for Christmas. Sit back and enjoy but in moderation as less fattening can still put on weight. Sorry for being a kill joy thats the fibro for yeah. Smile :-)) Wink ;-))

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Couldn't agree more. Acceptance is the key. But hard to fit in the lock to open up the door to allowing the picture to float out of our heads about ever getting the life we had before back. Om.

Re iron levels.

Your numbers didn't make sense to me.

I am pleased if I have a HB level of 12.5. Monumental headache ensues amongst other things if it drops to 8. I should ask your GP to explain more about Anaemia.

it may be that all your conditions are just conspiring to drain you of energy.

Don't be afraid to pin your GP down to explain more.

It's hard it's gruelling no wonder we is all energy deficient.


Hi bluebell99

I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely wish I had a really good answer to help you. I have pasted you a link to NHS Choices pages about anemia, so I hope that you find them useful:

NHS Choices - Anemia


I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding some answers to this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi bluebell99. I was aneamic for years. After my doctor told me my iron levels were way too low I went to my local healthfood shop. The owner knows a lot about all sorts of health related things. She told me to try spatone. I now swear by it. 2 sachets a day in fruit juice. it tastes horrible but is worth it. My bloods now show that my iron levels are normal.

Hope this helps


Thank you all for your replies. My hospital uses the range 120-400, a previous hospital used the lower ranges, I think you move the decimal point to make them the same.

I wouldn't mind so much if it was a temporary thing, but 4 years is a bit much!

I will def try the very dark chocolate though!

Thanks again



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