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Fibro and knitting

I have just received my subscription of December issue simply knitting, in shops in aa few days, and on pages 74-75 a fantastic item by Angel Homer who uses craft to explore fibromyalgia and hidden disabilities in her curiously beautiful exhibition. a full two page spread about fibro and how it affects us etc. great piece for raising awareness, recommend you get a copy or browse it in the aisles, more power to her for bringing it to peoples attention and for a knitting mag for a huge spread.

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Thanks for the heads up on this, I will look out for it. I do like Simply Knitting so this will just be an excuse to buy it this month. Linda


Wii look out for it, dont buy knitting mags regularly, but will make an exception in this case, am furiously knitting baby clothes at present as my eldest daughter is expecting my first grandchild so thats two excuses to buy it!

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I cross stitch although at the moment can't as have had surgery on my hand for osteoarthritis and my mental health is suffering dreadfully because of not being able to sew as i m on my own and can't get out unless someone takes me. I truly believe cross stitch saves my life all the time and through it i have made 100 s of friends on Facebook which sometimes is my only contact with the outside world especially at the moment i won't be able to drive until at least christmas. I had to give up knitting as it affected my elbows but stitching i have a stand so don't have to hold anything except the needle i have just managed to thread one by holding it between the two fingers on my left hand so i am hoping i can get back to it as i am literally going mad on my own.


Hi Jackie4ball

from one cross stitch enthusiast to the same and am seeing a consultant on Monday re my hands (carpal tunnel syndrome as far as I know )btu hands are swollen and sore thickened etc which is attributable to something else/.have just finished a cross stitch pic a football theme but not 100% happy with it.i have stitched it too small fro the frame I have and cos its not made from a chart -just my own photos and the goal net from a picture so had to use my imagination on how to stitch it,.

I don't have a stand as didnt find it any easier .I am forever dropping my needle .am hoping if I have an op on my hands it will make life a bit easier.tho CTS is not my only problem alaso raynauds and possible you I have facebook friends but most of all it s the friends on these forums who keep me going as they offer support and advice without the whole world knowing.

would love to see some of oyur work are you able to post any?


Hi only just seen this reply i would show you some of my work but not sure how to on here. I went to a retreat with friends on Facebook for a weekend in April and my piece of work came first so thrilled as i have never won anything in my life.



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