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New to Fibro. Need Input on Depression?

Hello everyone. I have several autoimmune diseases have been diagnosed and I diagnosed but not ruled out as having SLE. I am also being investigated for epilepsy and have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Besides being "normally" depressed as anyone would with a chronic illness, I have as of tonight been severely depressed to the point of wanting to drive myself to the nearest asylum and check myself in. This bout of severe severe depression started earlier tonight with a nauseating migraine and arthritic pain so bad I can't get out of bed. I am currently on about 14 medications treating all of my illnesses, cymbalta being one mainly to help with pain. Do any of you out there with fibro have severe bouts of "clinical depression"? Is this normal for fibro? I am just beside myself and have no idea what to make of this. Any input would help. Thanks!!

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I think it is understandable for anyone with a chronic illness that is in pain, we would be a bit odd if we were not depressed. You should see your GP and get assessed, don't be afraid to ask for help. However do try to be cheerful as it does help I know easier said than done. You can still find things to do that give you pleasure. gentle hug


Hi I too have fibro, and take Cymbalta amongst others. I am feeling very depressed lately. Im not very nice to them around me and cannot cheer up at all. Im in a lot of pain. Im fed up going doctors. been struggling to get on other benefits which adds to the stress of having little money. I, after 6 long years feels Im no further on than when I was first ill, I have changed with different tablets, all which still don't work including the morphine patches i am currently wearing. I had a very good job and had to leave, my life is shit my relationships are suffering and im feeling extremely fed up. Hope your having a better day today!


i am but I have taken extreme action that I acknowledge is not available to many, I moved to a warmer country (Malta) where my condition is much better.


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