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Another flare already - So fed up!!!

Hi everyone,

Have been on health inturruption from nursing degree for 7 months now. Was doing all I could to get as well as possible and was feeling ok. Had been into uni to organise going back to finish. I was due to start back in about 2 weeks. Now over the last 2 weeks I'm having another horrid flare. Constant pain in multiple areas and am so exhausted I can hardly get out of bed. Not ideal for going back on placement as a student nurse!

I think it has been caused by a number of stressors happening at once. My mother in law got offered a flat up the road from us after being on the list for 18 months so I have been trying to help her organise a move from 400 miles away. My 3 year old mastiff had to go to the vet cos of sore legs and we then found out he has damaged ligament in both knees of hind legs. He has to go to a specialist vet hospital a 2 weeks to see what they can do. Then my grandfather had a really bad stroke 10 days ago and we have been told that he is not going to get any better and all they can do is give palliative care. I can't even go to see him because they live in wales and I'm in Scotland and I'm i. Too much pain to travel.

Everything is a bit of a mess and I'm so frustrated that I cannot do anything to help.

I keep hoping that I will feel better but I think I might have to contact the uni and tell them that things have changed again and now I am not well enough to go back.

Sorry for the long post!

I hope everyone is as well as they can be

Becky xxx

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hi beckyglen sorry to hear you may not be able to go back on placement as a student nurse as you are having a horrid flare you have a lot going on at the moment which are major stressors with your mother in law and her move your poor dog at the vet hospital and your grandad having a stroke only offering pallitive care and you not being able to visit him i really feel for you as you have a lot to cope with and it really takes it out on your whole body you will just have to tell them you are not well enough to go back to uni.take care hugs xx lilian


Hi Lilian,

Thank you so much for your reply. It really helps to talk to people who understand.

I hope you are as well as you can be.

Gentle hugs



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