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Don't throw away your empty plastic Tax Disc Holder yet maybe??

A personal post with no FibroAction hat on to gauge reaction here in the community

Clever Idea? ? ? Or not ? ?

Several thoughts & concerns from car theft, stolen identity concerns already lodged on the site! :)

Your thoughts?

If you want the Template you can download here>

Interesting to read your comments

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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I can see both sides.. I dont carry personal details with me in the car, I am already a motability customer, so they would have full details on database. I can see though also that it might be a good idea to have next of kin, and brief description of my disability/condition


What a brilliant idea? Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Ken x


Yes, but I carry a spare folded up repeat prescription in my wallet. No car anyway but that's fudging the issue. I have a wrist band with diabetes on. How about similar (or a tag) for fibro. There are many other conditions that do this and would be looked for by medics (rather like the message in a bottle).

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Good idea that! You can get those little chains and wrist alerts for so many other illnesses.


Have just downloaded it!! Great idea!!! XX


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