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Heating pad

Hi everybody

Hope it's a good day for as many of 'us' as possible.

I just wanted to let people know that I have just returned from a LIDL store clutching a Stomach and Back Heating Pad which cost £12.99. I know last year some of us were talking about these and those lucky people who had them thought they were great. I am now one of those lucky people! :) Anyway my reason for writing is to let you al know that if you're interested they may be in your local LIDL. Didn't want anybody who would like one to miss out.

I have mine on now. It's great. I use wheat bags a lot but of course they go cold so I'm really pleased with my buy. I hope those who would like one are successful.

Stay well. Lyn x

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Thanks Lyn for telling us that I will go down to my local Lidl tomorrow as when they came out last year I looked at them and thought they must be too good to be true and was daft enough not to buy one!


Hi lynzard

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am absolutely delighted to read that you got yourself a heat pad. I must admit that I bought a wheat pack early in the year but it didn't agree with me at all, but I hope that your heat pack works so well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Lyn, I know your message is old, but very interesting, I do find when my legs, particularly my right one, which has just been under attack from a Half a Knee Replacement, is the one that is becoming very Restless and when it goes so mad with Involuntary Movement too, I try and go and lay on my bed, which has an Electric Blanket in it, and I lay on that for a while, and you are right the warmth seems to help, but it is keeping still enough for the warmth to actually do it's magic. I find if I am in bed and it starts becoming a full blown RLS I have to get up as it is really horrendous, and as soon as I stand up, the horrible feeling in your leg disappears.

We all seem to have different ways of dealing with our Problem, but it needs to b more reconised as being an absolute Soul Destroyer, and Cause of Depression, as you never know when it is going to strike.



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