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Ibs so fed up

My ibs been really playing up bad stomach pains and never of the loo.lately doesn't matter what I eat doesn't help .I take buscan and Imodium.everyday just lately .pains in my stomach can get really bad .Been like this for years but getting worse.just wanderd could it be something else.I all so suffer with burning in my throat.and unsettled top of my stomach. Doctors today see what she comes up with .We

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Hi tinkerbell, I'm sorry you are having IBS troubles at the moment, but I'm glad you are seeking your doctor's advice. I have coped with IBS for years now and I take a drug called spasmonal, it may be worth enquiring of your doctor if this could be of help to you, but it's essential you go with your doctor's advice and not what I have said. It also sounds as if you are getting some reflux, which again your doctor will be able to help you with.

Wishing you the very best :-)

Foggy x


Yes IBS can be awful.. I have suffered with it since I had a hysterectomy when I was 30, never had any tummy problems before then. I have noticed lately that mine has been playing up and put it down to eating more fruit and veg beings it is summer. The burning thing sounds like GORD so hopefully GP will be able to come up with something to help you. I don;t take anything for the actual IBS as none of the drugs that were offered then seemed to help but do take capsules for the GORD and they have really helped. Let us know how you get onx


Hi tinkerbell66

I am so sorry to read that you are one of the many, many Fibro sufferers with IBS, so you are not alone! Discussing with your GP is probably the best move.

There is something else that I would do if I were you? I would read the sheets that accompany your medications to ensure that it is not one of them that is adding to the issue? I do not have IBS but I have a relation that does and Co-Codamol makes them really ill with their IBS, it is just a thought?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment, and I genuinely hope that you find the answers that you are seeking.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


With the sore throat & upper stomachache problem be sure and ask your GP about reflux disorder. When they diagnosed my reflux & got that under control my IBS settled down too. God Bless


Hi all been to docs saw a different docs. Wasn't impressed just gave me a leaflet.said doesn't want to investigate y playing up .wouldn't even give me stronger painkillers or anything for my reflux .felt let down .Will be seeing another doctor.


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