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Question for Admin

Sorry, can't work out how else to get in touch. I don't know how many people have similar problem. Writing posts is great, but my fingers go numb and pain and weakness forces me to stop for a while. Then I loose my text part way through. Sometimes I go away and come back later to start again. Its quite frustrating though. Would it be possible to set up, like writing e.mails, so that after a spell of inaction it automatically holds it where you left off? Tulip aka tulips123.

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hi Tulip, I struggle with my hands too. are you on a laptop or pc? as I use the on-screen keyboard and mouse.

if you can write your reply on notepad/word or as an email, you can keep saving it as you go; then copy and paste it into the reply box.

hope that might help,

hamble :)

to contact any or all admin, you can send us a pm. (try one to me)

just click on our name and then "send me a message, or

click on your own name on the green bar, select messages, then add names one at a time.


when you get a reply, a red ball will appear next to your name on the green bar.

click on it and then on messages and then you can see it.

sleep well :)


Hi tulips123

I am so sorry to read that you are having this issue, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this. As hamble99b says, it can help to write your posts up a bit at a time on a word document and then copy and paste them on the forum.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Ken x


Hi Tulip I ave terrible problems with arthritis in my hands and now the lymphodema is making them swell (didnt expect that) When I was eleven I experienced a form of paralases in one arm and hand an since then always had problem but I never let it stop me from doing arty stuff that I love.

Now I am older and wizer I type odly I canot get the pressure on the keys so when I go back I have to change letters and fill gaps. Hambles advice is the best and if I am writing anything of length I open a page I can save work out everything on it before posting.

Good luck and be patient if we all take more time looking at things everything would turn out better.



Hi I use a stylis on iPad so much easier wrist can get a bit ache but my hands are better

Good luck x


Hi there, like shafow walker i use an ipad, much easier on the hands as no keys to push down like on keyboard. Also smaller, lighter and can take into hospital with me, will be doing so next week. Stores my knitting patterns, guided meditation and story books so saves all that space.


if you do not have office word you can get a free version that is called "openoffice" and type all your replies in there and copy and paste when complete.