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hi there.

i was invited for a health check at my local GP surgery on Wednesday which i attended. my BP, pulse were fine my BMI just a little over what it should be but nothing to worry about, also had bloods taken.

well to day i received a letter from GP with appointment for fasting bloods to be done, so i am a bit worried. does anyone have any ideas what this could be about.


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  • Hi,

    probably to test your cholesterol levels and possibly sugar levels. Nothing to worry about, Cholesterols test are usually done by fasting first.



  • It's about cholesterol levels, and diabetis. Mine were high, and you either go on statins, or try and control with what you eat. I tried to control mine with eating, but find it too hard. Yours maybe okay though.

  • HI Dobie, mine were the other way round I had the fasting bloods first and then was called back for none fasting. Something that worries me every time because my kidney have not worked to full capacity for years. But we both had a laugh when he pronounced me fit, no problems, yeah as if. :P

    sue xx

  • Quite possibly just routine tests. But if you are worried call your GP and ask.

  • Hi dobie62

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am going with the cholesterol tests like the others, as it sounds about right? However as panda60 says, if you are worried why not give them a ring and ask?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I genuinely hope that you get the results that you desire and deserve!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • This is usually done to test glucose levels

  • Diabetics no longer have to fast for blood tests because they are prone to hypos, and results were misleading. XX

  • My husband still does, but diabetics are given the first appointments. Maybe it is depends on the area you are in.

    sue xx

  • Aye, maybe...I'm in North Wales XX

  • Fasting blood tests are done to check blood sugar levels; also for Cholesterol levels.

  • hi there again

    well i received a letter with results from my blood tests and it explains that my glucouse levels are up at 8.8 and this is the reason for my fasting blood test. will just have to wait and see. thanks for all your responses and the information give.


  • Thanks for that dobie62, I hope that you are not too worried in case your fasting blood tests are too high? It could be being caused by other medications that you are on?

    Good luck with the tests.

    Ken x

  • Hi there they are wanting to check wether or not you have diabetes type 2

  • hi there,

    thanks for your reply. i have been thinking these last few day, i find that at certain times of the the day i become shakey and light headed and then if i have something sweet it tends to help. will discuss this with my GP next week when i see her. fasting bloods are after my gp appointment.

    kind regards


  • I am like this janet alot will have to discuss with my gp thanks love xx

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