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vindictive neigbours

hi all, just to let you all know the result, ive not been sent for at cousin was, as I said.....he went there for the interview, in there 5 mins, asked was he working [ as you know going he was fishing not working] he said no, that was it..all done...the neighbour I think went in there and blinding, like she does and theve ignored for whats going on here, there still at it intimidating all the residents, still parking cars everywere....and even pulled from another garage a electric wire and using someones else electric to hoover all there cars.....god sake......the council are checking regular and taking car numbers down.....thanks for all your wonderfull surport. I thank you all...have a smashing summer...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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hi Ginge, looks like you are going in the right direction but these these things always take time. Difficult people are always a problem as where do you put them, and get them to realise that their behaviour is not acceptable.


hello ginge, glad its slowly being sorted for you. I do understand how peoples behaviour affects you as we have similar problems. stay strong huny,we are all here for you x


Hi Ginge, thats good news i can hear the relief in your message. Hope they remove this dreadful neighbour soon,



Hi ginge

Just wanted to wish you good luck. Its not easy coping with these situations.

Take care

Ken x


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